Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday (Ten): Top 10 Superhero Movies

The Movie Case just released their Top 10 Superhero Movies list. It's great list, go check it out. In honor of their great list, here's another great list.

#10. The Crow

#09. The Fantastic Four (1994)
Production company, Constantin Film, was about to lose their rights to make a Fantastic Four movie. Thinking on their toes, the company did what they had to do. They made a Fantastic Four movie. They gave Roger Corman a miniscule budget and told him to get to work. What they didn't tell Corman (or any of the actors) is that they never intended on releasing this movie. Decades later, the movie is a cult classic, and only available to watch online. Things worked out well for Constantin Film, however, as they made two gigantic Fantastic Four movies in 2005 and 2007.

#08. Spider-Man
A recent re-watching of Spider-Man reminded me just how entertaining it really is. Great origin story, pro wrestling cage match, rad villains, and much more. Even though the casting of MJ still seems wrong, this is what I want from new superhero movies: a lot of fun.

#07. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
1. Ninja Turtles lying half-dead in bathtubs is unacceptable.
2. I like my Turtles funny.
3. Ninja...Ninja Rap!

#06. Robocop
Robocop gets looked over too often. He hardly shows up on superhero lists and I think that's bullshit. He starts out human, undergoes a tragic accident, is transformed into a robotic cop with a license to kill. What about that doesn't sound like a superhero?

#05. Mystery Men
Everyone loves an underdog. This movie's full of them. A girl who throws bowling balls, a guy with anger management issues, another guy who's only invisible when no one's looking at him. William H. Macy plays a man who shovels well! Other than Meteor Man, this might be the most underrated film on the list.

#04. The Meteor Man
I recently wrote on The Meteor Man for part of my Kid Flicks series. You can read the post here.
#03. Batman Returns
Batman Returns > The Dark Knight. There, I said it. In my opinion, this is how the Batman comics were meant to be adapted. Burton absolutely nailed it. As fantastic as Ledger was as The Joker, this movie has a better Batman, better secondary villains (DeVito as The Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman), and a better overall plot. No Patriot Act subplots, plenty of henchmen, and best of all, no ridiculous Bale voice choking out every damn line written for him.

#02. X2: X-Men United
I just have a soft spot for X2.

#01. Unbreakable
Take what I said about Mystery Men and The Meteor Man back. THIS is the most underrated movie on this list. The Sixth Sense will always go down as M. Night's masterpiece and that's fine. But what isn't fine are the discussions that Sixth Sense is his only good movie. Unbreakable is my favorite superhero movie and it has zero explosions, no one can fly, and the action is minimal. But without the myths that Unbreakable examines, you wouldn't have any of the other movies on this list.


xTJMac510x said...

A great list and Unbreakable DEFINITELY deserves to be on there

Hal said...

I LOVE that you have Unbreakable at #1, how you included the first but not the second Spider-Man, and that you included Mystery Men.

No The Dark Knight? Balls.

Heather said...

I'm glad you have Batman Returns on here. I think Dark Knight is a better movie overall (better acting, better art direction, etc) but I'd much rather watch Batman Returns. It's like when people say Citizen Kane (or whatever) is their favorite movie, but you know nine times out of ten they'd choose to watch Reality Bites. And when you're talking about top ten superhero movies list, the one you'd rather watch is the one that deserves to make the cut.

Drew and I were trying to remember the name of Mystery Men a couple days ago, but all we could think of was Smashmouth.

JLG said...

Big thumbs up for the Batman Returns > Dark Knight. I actually didn't like Dark Knight all that much and I was pretty much tarred and feathered for it.

I just saw Kick-Ass and I have to say this would be on my list.

I've got another one for you too - have you ever seen Condorman? It's a ridiculous Disney movie from the eighties that I watched as a kid, and it is the best.