Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Desert Island DVDs

Fandango Groovers has asked an important question: What are your Top 8 Desert Island DVDs? A lot of people have answered. Click that link; read their picks. Here are mine.

Unfaithful: I assume I'm alone on this island.

The Truman Show: Truman would be my confidant, my Wilson.  He would understand exactly what I was going through.  Unfortunately, repeated viewings of The Truman Show would surely lead towards insanity but there's something romantic about a delusional blogger stumbling around an island thinking he's on reality TV.

The Warriors: It's my favorite movie of all-time.  I had to have it.  That being said, I'd take my original cut over the Director's Cut because those cartoon interludes add nothing to the movie.

The Karate Kid: Part II: I will argue until the day I die (which won't be long if I'm on this island) that the second Karate Kid is the best of the (now) five Karate Kid movies.
Okinawa > Reseda.  Chozen > Johnny.  
Ice Blocks > Fence Painting.   

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme: Choosing which documentary to bring was difficult.  I decided to choose my favorite hip-hop doc because there's tons of special features, bonus footage, and it'll give me my music fix while I'm waiting for death on this godforsaken island.

Do the Right Thing: I noticed that my "high-quality filmmaking" quota was a little low so I'm bringing Do the Right Thing.  It's cinegasmic, features some of my all-time favorite performances, and is just that damn good.

Back to the Future: Escapism at its best.  I'm also hoping that if I play this enough times in a row that my friend Luke will somehow psychically pick up on my coordinates.  He'll either come and save me or stick around and watch Back to the Future with me until one of us is forced to eat the other to fight off starvation.

Die Hard: It came down between this and Kill Bill Vol. 1 to satisfy my constant need for movie violence.  In the end, I knew I couldn't live without hearing "Yippie Ki-Yay, motherfucker."


Daniel said...

Now that is a desert island I wouldn't mind be stranded on. Well played.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I have added the link to the main blog

xTJMac510x said...

Great choices overall. I really like your unique choices (Unfaithful was an interesting one for me) and I'm glad to see you take part in this event.

Heather said...

Good list! And the good news for you is that in our would-you-eat-someone-to-survive discussion that Luke and I had the other day, his answer was in the negative. Looks like you'll survive!

Jason Soto said...

I was enjoying the list until I got sidetracked by the pics of Fletch looking maniacal about his winnings. I kinda got a shiver down my spine.

Otherwise, good list.

The Film Cynics said...

Your list is rife with authenticity. Warriors being on there is no surprise, but I'm liking that you made the distinction between the original and the classic.

Are you saddened that the current crop of moviegoers will likely only know the Jackie Chan Karate Kid, and ridicule it for being The Kung Fu Kid?

Good list!

Ronan Wright said...

Love your sense of humour and practicality, that'll keep you going long enough to realise you're trapped in a David Lynch Movie.

Here's my list if you're interested: http://filmplicity.com/


Novroz said...

Great list....Some of my favorite movies are there.

I agree with you, Karate Kid 2 is the best of all Karate Kid...I don't know about the new one with Will Smith's son...I have my doubt to watch it.

Back to The future is a movie (or a trilogy) I keep on watching when the local-TVs play it

oliveobrien1978 said...

Great list and I thought I was the only one with Die Hard on my list, cool:)
And Back to the Future and Karate Kid, you can do no wrong!

Anonymous said...

Karate Kid! Some real gems on your list. I was thinking of putting in Back to the Future, but I put in "Santa Claus - The Movie" instead. Nostalgia Island ;)

Fletch said...

Random bad guy that I can't even recall over Billy Zabka? Bite your tongue, man!

You gotta give us a bit better explanation for Unfaithful. I know you dig Lane, but surely you could've picked something better from her resume...

Disagreed on the cartoon interludes, but you already knew that. Of course, I didn't see the original first, so I might've thought the same way.