Friday, April 16, 2010

10 Movie Facts About Me (Meme)

I started a meme.
So far, one person has participated.
These are his (my) 10 Movie Facts About Me.

1. I've been quoted in a movie trailer.

2. During my first year working at Hollywood Video, I rented (for free, of course) over 1,000 movies.  That means at least three rentals a day, every day.

3. I've met Roger Ebert, Harvey Weinstein, William H. Macy, and a few other celebrities while at film festivals.

4. My favorite movie is The Warriors (1979).

5. My movie collection proudly holds over 1,300 DVDs.

6. I have two tattoos.  One of Doug.  One of Skeeter.

7. My first movie-going experience was to see The Adventures of Milo and Otis in 1989.

8. My biggest cinephile shame is that I've never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey (although...that will be corrected this weekend).

9. I married a blogger.

10. I've covered Sundance twice for

You know how this works.  I'll nominate six bloggers.  They'll write their own 10 Movie Facts About (Themselves) and link back here.  They'll nominate six blogger.  Next thing you you, we all know everything about each other.

I nominate:
Whitney @ Dear Jesus
Fletch @ Blog Cabins


xTJMac510x said...

This is actually really quite interesting. I just got to think about TEN facts...that'll be hard.

As for the facts themselves that's pretty awesome you've met Roger Ebert and Harvey Weinstein. I only own about 350 films but I'm almost 19 so give me a break.

The Warriors is a great film and I wear a warriors jacket everyday to college actually.

Yeah I have trouble sitting thru 2001. I realize it's a classic and I've watched it numerous times but it's a tad slow. Once it picks up its good though.

I've always wanted to cover a festival so I'm obviously jealous.

Good facts and I'll be sure to do it as well

m i l e s said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I used to work at Hollywood video and rented the shit out of their inventory. I am enjoying your blog.

Goose3984 said...

And lets not forget who talked you into that ink baby! Ive got my next one planed just need to save a little money.

Fletch said...

Tag received and mission accepted!

Not sure when I'll do this, but it's fairly simple, so I ought to bang it out by Monday at the latest.

1300 DVDs...good lord. That tops even my CD collection of 700 or so. I've actually been meaning to catalog my DVDs for some time, so maybe this will be the push in the ass that I need, which will give me a tally.

whitney said...

TJMAC - That's probably more than I owned when I was 19...not by much...but probably more.

You wear a Warriors jacket? Like, the leather vest? Or something else? I have a Baseball Furies jersey that Caitlyn from 1,416 and Counting sent me!

I had a little trouble sitting though 2001, myself. It's gorgeous and considering when it came out (1968) it's absolutely mind-blowing. Somehow Oliver! beat this out for Best Picture (for which it wasn't even nominated for!)

Keep blogging, make connections through school, local film functions, etc. You'll get picked up. And even it you don't, keep blogging on your own site and you can start contacting festivals on your own.

whitney said...

Miles, thanks for the comment! Just so you know, you're officially entered into our monthly Thanks for Writing contest. Every post you leave here give you another entry.

ANd the free rentals were pretty much the only good thing about working for Hollywood Video. With all of their stores closing, how will future film kids get their free movies? Sad thought.

whitney said...

Goose, not only did you talk me into it, you paid for them! Thank you a million!

whitney said...

NOTE: ALL REPLIES FROM WHITNEY ARE ACTUALLY FROM ME (GRINGO). That's what happens when you marry another blogger.

Fletch, do you still buy most of your music or has today's accessibility turned you into a bit of a pirate?

xTJMac510x said...

Well a good portion of my collection came from Hollywood video stores shutting down all around me so that helped me out a lot (bout 100 or so). The others I just have bought over the years.

Yeah I have a Warriors leather jacket (it's a replica) but the one I wear everyday is a Marc Ecko designed sweatshirt that shows a brawl going on (I can't tell which one but I'll figure it out someday). But Warriors has always been a favorite.

Yeah that's about the same with my opinion of 2001. Beautiful, mind blowing, but a bit hard to sit thru. The Blu-ray version is actually a great restoration. Most of Kubrick's Blu-ray films are.

Yeah that's exactly what I'm doing. The LAMB was only the first step and I've been working hard for 8 months to get this thing working. Thanks for the encouragement though

Fletch said...

I don't pirate anything. Every now and then, a friend might burn a disc for me or email a lone mp3, but that's the extent of it. I don't really frown on those that do pirate, but I actually prefer to buy my media for some strange reason.

The Taxi Driver said...

Hey, just found your site because of this. Looks excellent. I am also jelous of your covering a festivels but maybe one day I'll be there too. I'll totally participate in this over at my own site.

Heather said...

I seriously kept wondering why Whitney was being so uncharacteristically nice/chatty on your blog.

Castor said...

Great idea Cyrus, it's already making the round quickly ;)

elgringo said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
I'm having a good time checking out all of your blogs.

Dan "Tupac Shakur Lives" Dreher said...
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Anonymous said...

I give you much respect for having a Doug tattoo. I loved that show growing up (Nick version, not the Disney one)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nomination. You can see my facts here