Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 Best Friends: Movies Featuring Colons in the Title

Rats: Night of Terror
Whitney's choice came all the way from Italy by the way of bad dubbing. Her hard work and YouTube surfing delivered this unknown gem. You see, the pre-colon section of the title lets us know that this movie is about rats. The post-colon section informs us that most of the movie will take place at night and more specifically, a night filled with terror. What's unclear to those who haven't seen it is...are the rats the terrorizers or the terrorized? Is this more like Ben or "Maus?" It's more like Ben. Only there are hundreds of Bens and some humorous (human) sex. Rats has the distinct honor of being the only movie in our marathon that isn't a sequel. And in a surprising twist, a Rats sequel has yet to been made. You'll just have to wait for Rats: There Got to Be a Morning After.

Rambo: First Blood Part II
My choice! Brian at Dear Jesus told me this was the best of the Rambo series and that I had to see it. It's gorier, way over the top, and just about as kick-ass as you can get. That's why I decided to watch it for the first time with whole bunch of people. Everyone piled into my living room and prepared for a grad-level course in vigilantism. The movie starts a little slow but picks up exponentially until the whole thing concludes with a helicopter fight not to be forgotten.

Critters 2: The Main Course
Critters is an underrated horror series. Giant furballs with lots of gnashing teeth. And they're from space. We chose this one to end the night because it was almost guaranteed to be a lot of fun. And it was. I tip my hat to Aaron because he picked my favorite movie of the night. And while Team America: World Police would have been good too, our three picks turned out to make one of the best 3 Best Friends Marathons yet.

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brian said...

copter fight is amazing, especially when rambo pretends to be dead, but, by far, my favorite part is when he machine-guns the computers. it's perfect on some many levels.