Thursday, April 15, 2010

Miraculous Merch: House of the Devil

ATTN: All Merchandising and Marketing Directors,

when promoting an out-of-the-box film, please market accordingly.

One-sheets, Director's Cut DVDs, and star-studded soundtracks are fine when you're promoting a James Bond movie.  But when you've got The House of the Devil on your hands, be smart and cater to your audience.  Because when you do, you might come up with an amazing idea like this:

The House of the Devil has been released in a special DVD/VHS combo pack.  From the beaten-up packaging (complete with "New Release" rental sticker) to the oversized clamshell, they've spared no expense on this Miraculous Merch.

Available at for 31.49. 


simoncolumb said...

thats mental - at least it recylces all those old VHS versions...


xTJMac510x said...

Yeah I was actually a big fan of HotD and thought it was a pretty good movie. Then when I heard it would be released on a VHS/DVD combo I'm like "Wow this is some of the smartest business decisions I have ever seen." Because VHS caters to the B-Movie horror fans out there. It sits proudly in my collection now and just feels so authentic.

elgringo said...

No Simon,
that's the genius here.
It's a NEW movie. They created VHS copies especially for this release!

Jonny said...

That is amazing. I really wanted to see House of the Devil before; now I am dying to see it. That's some of the best marketing I've seen in ages.