Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Picks Contest - Results!

The winner of the 1st Annual He Shot Cyrus
Fletch from Blog Cabins with 17 correct answers!
The Man Behind the L.A.M.B. wins a special surPRIZE.

So Fletch, send me your mailing address
(either through Facebook or e-mail)
and I'll send your prize out.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who participated. For those who're curious, here are the tallied up results for everyone who participated. Keep an eye on the site because each of your entries has also entered you into the monthly Thanks for Writing contest. You may not have won today but you might win something soon.
Branden - 16
Mikkey Filmmaker - 16
Joe Ball - 15
He Shot Cyrus - 15
Tonya - 15
Fitz - 14
Heather - 14
Mig - 14
Reel Whore - 14
Jamie - 13
Heather Adair - 12
Roclife - 12
KnowingViews - 11
Goose3984 - 10
Neill - 10


Goose3984 said...

10! hell yeah baby!

Fletch said...

Haha - I can't believe I won! I knew that I'd made roughly the same picks that I'd made in the LAMB's pool as well as my family's one, and the only score I knew of was the 16 I got in the family one. Sweetness that 17 was enough here - tough year...

Thanks, my gringo!