Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim Blog-a-Thon [March 19th-21st]

Corey Haim passed away this morning in Burbank, CA.  His later years were known more for drug use and reality shows but during the 1980s, Haim and his frequent collaborator, Corey Feldman, were kings.  He Shot Cyrus has decided to host a Corey Haim blog-a-thon in his honor.  You can write about any of his films, about his life in general, or pretty anything remotely related to Haim.  Send in links to your Corey Haim writings and I'll post them next weekend.  The deadline for entries is Sunday, March 21st.  

Also, pass the word around. 

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Morgan said...

Truly sad about his passing. He was a true talent.