Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Notes About the Oscars

10 Notes About the Oscars

1. Dear Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, Last Station wasn't one of the ten nominated Best Picture films.

2. "Uber-bingo" is my new favorite phrase.

3. I appreciate that it took so long to make but Logorama is not very good. Thorough, yes. Entertaining, not really. The best animated short of the year, definitely not.

4. "Horror often doesn't get the respect it deserves." -- The kids from Twilight who presented the worst horror tribute I've ever seen. Marathon Man? That was a stretch.

5. James Taylor!

6. Dom DeLuise died? :(

7. Pop n' Lockin' doesn't belong at the Oscars. It wasn't called Fantastic Mr. Electric Boogaloo.

8. Most underrated joke of the night: "Thanks for not considering Na'vi a foreign language." -- Juan Jose Campanella, El Secreto de sus Ojos

9. Only Jeff Bridges has the balls to call him "Bobby Duvall"

10. Alec Baldwin smacking Katherine Bigelow's butt? Way to stay classy, guy.

Overall, I was happy with who the awards went to. Sandra Bullock did not deserve to win but what are you gonna do? Hurt Locker takes home Director and Picture! Precious doesn't go home empty-handed. I'm happy.


Heather said...

And how did a clip from one of the Twilight movies make it into the horror movie montage?!

I also loved the kerfuffle surrounding the Best Documentary Short award winner(Music by Prudence). The director/producer ran up as quick as he could and started talking. Then the second producer stumbled on stage a minute later and completely interrupted the guy's speech (she said something like "you should let a woman speak!") and then just took over and babbled on incoherently. Apparently they don't get along at all and have been feuding. That was totally awkward and kind of exciting.

JLG said...

Marathon Man did not belong in that horror movie montage. There were a couple others as well that I thought were out of place. That whole thing was dumb.

Also dumb was the brat pack reunion. Molly and Matthew were cool at first, but then the rest of them came out. They looked like someone had to dig them up first.

Jonny said...

It certainly left about to be desired, but at least the Horror genre was highlighted -- in some capacity -- at the Oscars. Plus, Roger Corman getting some recognition for his work was nice also. Sure, the collection they drew from was about as cliche as it gets, but considering that most years the Academy wants nothing to do with the genre, it was nice to see something.