Monday, February 8, 2010

The DVD Collection Keeps Growing

Quite a few of the Hollywood Videos around here are shutting down. They're selling their entire libraries for really cheap. Here are some of the DVDs I picked up the other day.

Old Joy - The first Mumblecore movie I ever saw. Two old friends take a roadtrip through Oregon. This has been on my Top 10 to Own list for a long time.

The Last Detail - The poster for this movie made me never want to see it. Randy Quaid didn't help either. But when I finally broke down and watched The Last Detail, I loved it!

Stuart Saves His Family - This is a terrible movie but I'm an SNL junkie. If they had had It's Pat I would have bought that too.

Coneheads - Like I said, SNL junkie. And Conehead is way funnier than you remember.

Festival Express - Buying this DVD was a personal victory. For six years, I've been waitng, biding my time until I found a copy that was less than ten bucks. Finding it for $3.99 was definitely worth the wait. If you haven't seen this great documentary yet, you should.

A Nous La Liberte [Criterion Collection] - They were selling Criterion Collection films for four dollars a piece! Whitney bought a ton of them. I bought this Rene Clair classic. Whitney bought Criterion films while I opted for Stuart Saves His Family. We're a great couple.

Adam - This played at Sundance last year but I didn't get to see it. But my mom rented the DVD and loved it so I bought her a copy.

The Wrestler - Most of my friends got copies of The Wrestler from me for Christmas. But I forgot to buy myself one.

Searching For Bobby Fischer - I can't tell you how many times I've seen Searching For Bobby Fischer. It was a mainstay in my house as I grew up. That and Sister Act, haha.

Planet B-Boy - Like Festival Express, I've been waiting to find a cheap enough copy. I'm just glad it turn less than six years to find one.

She's Gotta Have It - Spike Lee's first feature film for four dollars and the DVD looked brand new! No scratches. No fingerprints. I doubt that anyone had ever rented it. Great find.

Are the video stores in your area closing down? Maybe it's just a regional thing. Have you found any great DVD deals lately?


Bob Turnbull said...

"They were selling Criterion Collection films for four dollars a piece!"

What's the smiley face icon for "spit take"? I would've started hyperventilating on the spot.

I just watched "Adam" last night with my wife. It's a nice small movie. A few clunky scenes (some sudden dramatic outbursts from Rose Byrne for example), but it flowed well, had some very fine moments and a really good central performance by Hugh Dancy. I'm not sure how accurate the portrayal of Aspergers is, but it never felt forced or overly gimmicky. Amy Irving was also quite strong in her role as Byrne's Mom - though I didn't recognize her until I saw the credits at the end.

I've heard "Planet B-Boy" is pretty great. Missed it at Hot Docs (last year? year before?), but I'm glad to hear it's on DVD.

I scored some pretty cool music DVDs at Future Shop recently for $2 each - Ozric Tentacles, Neko Case, Daniel Lanois, Dream Theater and two KISS-ology sets (each one is like 4-5 DVDs and they were still $2). I'm not even that big a fan of DT or KISS, but at $2 you can't really go wrong.

Drew Danburry said...

man i hope i didn't miss this. I need to go to Hollywood video right now.

elgringo said...

Yeah, Whitney went crazy. There's big stack of Criterion flicks sitting in our study. Feels pretty good.

Thanks for the heads-up on "Adam." I wanted to watch it at Sundance but just didn't have the time.

"Planet B-Boy" is cool. It's not my favorite hip-hop doc but it tells an interesting story.

Oooohh, Neko Case DVD. I love it.

Reel Whore said...

The Blockbuster down the street from me closed. I went to look for deals, but they were either over-priced or movies that no one should own!

Coneheads is great! Back in the day I bought the soundtrack when I saw this. I haven't see it in years, but I'm certain it's still great.

I've always heard good things about Festival Express, need to get on that train and watch it.

Adam's in my NFQ right now.

Why I don't own The Wrestler yet I do not know.

brian said...

i always find the best movies, for the best price, at biglots.

elgringo said...

Reel Whore - Get on the Festival Express train? Hahaha. I don't know if that pun was intentional but I loved it.

Brian - Big Lots is incredible. Whitney found Jabberwocky for 3 bucks.

Reel Whore said...

I aim to please.

Daniel said...

Old Joy is a gem - I would buy it just to listen to the soundtrack. It does not exist outside of that movie! Argh!

Runs Like A Gay said...

Does Bobby Fisher hold up?

I remember enjoying it when it first came out (when I was a lot closer to the protagonist's age) but I want to know if I'll still like it today?