Friday, February 5, 2010

Big contest! Mystery prizes! You may have already won!

As I briefly mentioned in the Guys I'd Go Gay For (Vol. 2) post, He Shot Cyrus has decided to give back to its readers. We're doing so with our Thanks For Writing contest. The contest will take place at the end of every month. February's contest has already begun.

For every (substantial) comment someone leaves on a He Shot Cyrus post, that person will have their name placed in a hat. On the last day of the month, all of the names will mixed up and one will be chosen. That lucky winner will receive a special He Shot Cyrus prize.

The prizes will change every month and at the end of the year, ALL of the names will be thrown back into a hat and three GRAND PRIZE WINNERS will be selected. These prizes will be significantly bigger and better than the monthly prizes.

Remember, ten comments = ten contest entries!
Comment now for chance at being
He Shot Cyrus' first big winner!


brian said...

did my comment from like two posts ago get me into the drawing?

brian said...

does that last comment get me in? what about this comment?