Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 10 Pictures I've Ever Posted

This is what Guy Pearce looks like to me.

Why Remake When You Can Combine:

Why Remake When You Can Combine: Walk the Coraline

A Reader Graph

Why Remake When You Can Combine:

Before he was a noteworthy actor, Jeff Goldbum made his living off of
hooliganizing and Old Lady Sleeper Holds.
This was from my fourth post ever.

Watching movies on Netflix Instant Watch makes screen captures difficult.
That's why I had to draw this depiction of the very skippable Gut Pile.

When casting "The Office" movie, it became clear that
the ghost of 79-year-old
Lucille Ball was a perfect choice for Meredith.

This collage was made to represent the wide array of
Anna Faris' acting skills.

According to Dennis Schwartz of Ozus' World Movie Reviews,
the fact that Kids "could easily pass for a kiddie porn film" is FRESH!

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Reel Whore said...

The Guy Pearce portrait, A Reader graph and the Fresh rating had me rolling.

For those laughs, I'll let the dig at Anna Faris's expense slide. :-)