Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top Comments Award Ceremony

Here at He Shot Cyrus, we love comments like Mormons love minivans. Ever since the birth of HSC, readers from all over the world have left us great feedback and funny comments. Today, we decided to hold the first HE SHOT CYRUS TOP COMMENTS AWARD CEREMONY. The winner of the HSCTCA (rolls off your tongue, doesn't it?) will instantly morph from their present state into the internet's most profound pundit. The stakes are high, I know, but so are most HSC readers. On to the ceremony!

Top 5 Comments
July 2008

5. "I'm deeply disturbed right now and don't like that I really could have saved myself from that."
- Laura after clicking the "rape" picture in the Deliverance post.

"FYI: Southern hospitality is actually a myth. Every single place below the Mason-Dixon is exactly like Deliverance, all the time. Sometimes worse. (Or better, depending on your point of view...)"
- Keith arguing against one of the few points I actually made about Deliverance.

3. "All that said, I bet Joe Piscopo would give his steroid-swollen left arm for the lead in even 'The Haunted Mansion.'"
- Rob from Natsukashi on the decline of Eddie Murphy.

2. "Note: Please do not post a link to a picture of the "Taylor" character (or any other characters) getting raped. Just in case that crossed your mind. Your first photo link summed it up."
- Taylor begging and pleading me not to release the "camping trip" photos.

And the number one comment of July 2008 goes to:

1. "Doomsday was the closest I've come to walking out of a theater in a long time. It was AIDS in film form."
- Keith summing up Doomsday perfectly.

Congratulations, Keith! In honor of your achievement, we've decided to award you with this trophy which you may feel free to place anywhere on you blog. Enjoy all the success it will bring you.

Also, a huge thanks to the following people for commenting on my last few posts. All the links will take you to the commenter's movie blog. Go spread the love you've been giving HSC. Thanks, everyone.

Four Comments:
Megan - Eddie Murphy, Top 7 Lists, My Best Job, and Deliverance

Three Comments:
Daniel G. - Top 7 Lists, My Best Job, and Deliverance
Kaleen - Eddie Murphy, Top 7 Lists and Deliverance

Two Comments:
Fox - Eddie Murphy and Deliverance
Keith - Top 7 Lists and Deliverance
Kim - Top 7 Lists and My Best Job
Piper - The Gingerdead Man and Kung Fu Panda
Taylor - My Best Job and Deliverance

One Comment:
Annie Ha - Top 7 Lists
Chris - My Best Job
Cinexcellence - Top 7 Lists
Derek - The Gingerdead Man
Laura - Deliverance
The Mad Hatter - Eddie Murphy
Marilyn - My Best Job
mc - Eddie Murphy
Natsukashi - Eddie Murphy
Ross Williams - Eddie Murphy
Shaun - Eddie Murphy
Whitney - Deliverance

I'll be holding another one of these in a month. Keep the comments coming, they're what keeps He Shot Cyrus from shutting down and turning into another dry cleaning joint. And really, who needs another one of those?


Rick Ryan said...

I just want to go on record as saying that HSCTCA is without a doubt the most amazing, intelligent, original and wonderfullest concept for an award ever - I'm talking since the beginning of recorded human history here. I mean it. Ever.

elgringo said...

The sucking up would have totally worked...if only you had voted on the poll question. Ouch.

Nageoire said...

I appreciate the runner-up mention. But in all seriousness, you put together a pretty sound blog here on HSC. I look forward to hearing about films and getting your perspective on various cinematic creations (and abortions for that matter).

Just a side note: I just realized what the insignia was on that hoody you're wearing in your personal bio photo next to that jawa. Isn't it funny how you have just as much BYU memorabilia as I do and I am going on my third year there? And we didn't have to pay for any of it either!

elgringo said...

Thanks for the compliments!

And about the BYU sweatshirt, I had to click on the photo to see what I had on. Haha, Ryan's mom gave me that. We don't pay for nothin'! Sweatshirts, chicken wings, those crazy cheese/garlic sauce sandwiches, etc.

Life is good.

Keith said...

OH EM GEE! I'm gonna have to print this out and paste it over that stupid computer science degree I got awhile back. Finally, some recognition I can be proud of!

I guess I could thank the makers of Doomsday, but I have a feeling if I did a flaming Hellmouth would yawn open at my feet and drag me helplessly down below, to suffer alongside the other wretched souls who praised that movie in any way, shape, or form.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, thanks! And also that people who liked Doomsday should be tortured. Kaybye!

Fletch said...

Damn. I missed out.

Daniel said...

I'll work harder, me's promise...