Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July's Been a Busy Month

July has been a crazy month. It wasn't until I looked through the archive that I realized just how busy it's been. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments here. We've been able to go from 1300 visits to 3900 visits in just one month. I'm truly, truly, thankful to all the supporters of He Shot Cyrus. This post has a lot of links. Click on them. Blogging wouldn't be as fun without these guys.

First off, the following blogs need a huge shout-out., Big Mike's Movie Blog,
My Stuff and Cr*p, and Lazy Eye Theatre
hosted blog-a-thons and movie memes I participated in.
(All About Me, Batman, Rugrats, 12 Movie Meme, respectively)
Blog-a-thons are lots of work, so my hat's off to these guys.

Second, a huge thanks to the blogs that featured us this month.
DVD Panache featured me in their Friday Screen Test series.
Film Experience linked to one of my posts and sent lots of traffic my way.
Someone added He Shot Cyrus to StumbleUpon, thanks to whoever did that.

New to He Shot Cyrus? Here's what you might have missed.
Guys I'd Go Gay For blew up like a Scanners head. It got 26 Comments, a record-breaking number. As it turns out, Kaleen and I have the same taste in women. Thanks to everyone who left their lists. And Piper...the "cool juice" is all yours, buddy.

We hosted our first He Shot Cyrus Top Comment Award (HSCTCA) ceremony and Keith from The Kinetoscope Parlor won. I'm working on getting a better looking trophy for next month's winner. The winning comment? "Doomsday was the closest I've come to walking out of a theater in a long time. It was AIDS in film form."

I've watched 3/5 of the movies I swore I'd never watch. Pride & Prejudice, The Gingerdead Man, and Last House on the Left. That just leaves Swept Away and Eraserhead. There will eventually be a post on LHotL, I swear.

The careers of Cuba Gooding Jr., Eddie Murphy, and Chris Tucker were all evaluated. Who knew Chris Tucker would come out on top? He only made three movies in ten years? I guess that does count as charity work.

Oh yeah, I also want to post the results of "Who's the Hottest Guy I'd Go Gay For" Poll Question.

John Cusack --- 4 votes
Gael Garcia Bernal --- 10 votes
Sidney Poitier --- 0 votes
Jason Bateman --- 7 votes
Denzel Washington --- 1 vote
Taye Diggs --- 5 votes
Jonah Hill --- 0 votes

Once again, thanks everyone!
There's some exciting stuff in the works for August.


Daniel said...

That's an awesome increase, man - congrats!

Poor Jonah Hill...He's not even in Pineapple Express (and he's terribly missed in it). Where's the love?

elgringo said...

I don't know. Chubby, curly-haired guys never get the love. We're not that hideous!

Lunatone said...

"As it turns out, Kaleen and I have the same taste in women."

That would be because we're awesome.

If I agree to go lesbian, will you not move to Utah?

That picture of Gael sent shivers down my spine. God, he's beautiful. See what I'm willing to give up for you?

elgringo said...

"If I agree to go lesbian, will you not move to Utah?"

Woah, my brain is trying to comprehend the benefits of that transition...

I wish you'd move to Utah with us!

Literature Crazy said...

Too bad for Jonah Hill... I'm sure that smarts for his ego.

Marilyn said...

Nice work, Mr. Gringo. Your blog has become must-reading in a very, very short time. Not many can.

Fox said...

What will happen once the 5 movies I'd never watch is blown through?? Is there another 5 movies ____ _____ ____ up your sleeve?

And cheers to your passionate blogging. I love how jolly you always are. And I mean that in the best of ways.

elgringo said...

Jolly? Did you just call me fat? Just kidding. Um...I was thinking that I might make another list. Not sure of what though. Whitney and I might make a "5 Movies Recommended to Us By One Another" list...only it'd have a better title.

She has really great taste, we traded a Top 10 list and that's how I saw Days of Heaven, Tender Mercies, and An Angel at My Table, all fantastic movies.

MC said...
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MC said...

I added the "life is hard" entry to Stumbleupon, because that's generally what I do when someone wins the Pageant of the Transmundane.

elgringo said...

Thanks a lot, MC. I keep seeing people stumbling onto it. That's awesome.

Ryan McNeil said...

Quite the upswing in traffic! Kudos.

Funny what being social can do huh? Prior to joining L.A.M.B. I was lucky to get 5 hits a day (and I swear three of those five were my Mom).