Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Visual Essay: Which Two Things Don't Belong?


Caitlin said...



Don't tell anyone.

when is evil cool? said...

very well put.

Culture Snob said...

Are you suggesting that somehow the American remake will be cheapened and softened by Spielberg and Smith?

There were guns in E.T. after all ... at least until some asshole director wanted to remove them ... .

Never mind.

whitney said...

oh oh! I know! I know!

elgringo said...

Caitlin -- do I say this? ... DO IT!

When is Evil Cool? -- Thanks. Great Blogger name.

Culture Snob -- You know, there were guns in Wild Wild West too. Maybe I rushed into my judgment.

Whitney -- Yes?

Bob Turnbull said...

No wait! Don't tell me! I know this! I know this!

It's, uh, it's...


I guess I'll just go with the two guys in hats. Is that it? 'Cause they're wearing hats?

Ibetolis said...

Well, did I ever miss a meeting or what? Smith, Spielberg, Oldboy?

Please tell me it's a joke.

A very bad one at that.

elgringo said...

It's no joke...sadly.

Keith said...

Every time something like this happens, I come a little closer to completing my transformation into a grumpy old hermit who hates everything and everyone.

I can't even express my hatred in words.


This is really funny man.

I love your image jokes you always do!

elgringo said...

Thanks, Joseph!

Keith -- I'm already there.