Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Two Months? Shame on Me.

Meant to do this on Thanksgiving but it's coming a few days later. I always love to give praise where praise is deserved. To everyone who has been leaving comments on the site, thank you. I know I've been slowing down on the amount of comments I've given back to all of you but that'll be changing soon. Thanks everyone, you make the work worth doing.

Thirty-Three Comments
Daniel G. at Getafilm

Twenty Comments
Whitney at Dear Jesus

Seventeen Comments

Fourteen Comments
Fox at Tractor Facts

Thirteen Comments
Caitlin at 1,416 and Counting

Fletch at Blog Cabins

Christopher at From the Mind of Fotog Ink

Twelve Comments
Ross Williams at What I Watched Last Night

Eleven Comments
J.D. at Valley Dreamin'

Ten Comments
Joseph Campanella at Cinema Fist

Keith at The Kinetoscope Parlor

Nine Comments
Paul Arrand Rogers at Careful with that Blog, Eugene

Seven Comments
Moviezzz at The Moviezzz Blog

Rob at Natsukashi

Six Comments
Bob Turnbull at Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind

MovieMan0283 at The Dancing Image

The Mad Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee

Derek at Son of Double Feature

Reel Whore at Reel Whore

Five Comments
Adam Ross at DVD Panache

MC at Culture Kills...I Mean Cutlery

Rachel at Rachel's Reel Reviews


Scott Mendelson at Mendelson's Memos

Sally Belle at The Screen Zone

Four Comments
Glenn, J.J., Lunatone

Three Comments
Big Mike Mendez, Dame James Henry, Erich Kuersten, Ibetolis, Jason Bellamy, Jason Soto, Joseph B., Marilyn, Tommy Salami

Two Comments
Cinexcellence, Dead Pan, Don, Ed Howard, Evil Clown, James Hansen, Kevin Lahane, Laura, MinceyFresh, Piper, RJ, Rick Olsen, Runs Like a Gay

One Comment
Adolfo, Anil Usumezbas, BlakeCGriffin, Dave Enkosky, Dean Treadway, Demigod, Jamie, J.D. (2), Joe, Kim Grafton, mB, Megan, RC, Slayton, StinkyLulu, Striderdemme, The Film Fiend, The Lightning Bug

Thank you all so much.
Daniel, I'm going to have to figure out something special for you.
You've been holding down the Top Commenter title for the last three counts!
That means a lot.


Anonymous said...

You had me at " He Shot Cyrus".

Daniel Getahun said...

Wow. I frickin' own. Well if I didn't have anything to say than I wouldn't, so whatever you're doing is getting my interest.

I'm still surprised - I feel like I can never keep up with your posting frequency.

Probably a lot of those comments are me commenting on the posts about who comments the most. Like this comment - chalk it up!

elgringo said...

From the Eyes and Ears of Fotgo Ink -- You had me at "From the Eyes and Ears of Fotog Ink."

Daniel G - You kick ass. Thanks for all the support, you're the man.

Jason Soto said...

Make that four comments from me.

elgringo said...

Thanks, Jason!

Ross Williams said...

Woo... an even dozen for me. Now if I could just spend some time on my own blog. I've been too busy to write my own stuff, but I still love reading yours.

What I Watched Last Night

Fletch said...

I can't keep up, either.

Did you count them all one by one? Ugh, what a tedius job.

Glad I'm up there. :)

elgringo said...

Ross -- I love reading your blog too. I've been to busy to get around to everyone else's blogs but I always click over to yours.

Fletch -- Yup, counted them one-by-one. Made a little chart. Fun way to spend a Saturday.

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