Sunday, December 7, 2008

I was going to let this slide...

but it's been nagging at me for months now.

Here's a vlog of Diddy talking out of his ass.

Why is he talking out of his ass?

A lot of people may have never heard of this movie. Those who have heard of it may never have seen it. Those who have seen it might dismiss the film as a "bad movie" or a "B picture" but, just like so much of Robert Townsend's work, Meteor Man deserves much more credit than it's received.


MC said...

Meteor Man is a wonderful piece of imaginative fiction that features a runway model fight and a Bill Cosby/James Earl Jones/Tiny Lister combo that is almost too much to take.

Not to mention Cypress Hill acting. What more do you need really?

PIPER said...

Hmmm. Off the top of my head. There's Iron Man. Storm. Spawn. Green Lantern. ShadowHawk.

Come on Diddy. Fuck. Get with it.

Son of Double Feature said...
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minceyfresh said...

Diddy is an idiot.

That said, I can kinda relate. Although there were quite a few black super heroes out there in the comics, there weren't many in mainstream cartoons for children to admire when I was growing up (i.e. Super Friends, Masters of the Universe, etc). Who could I be when it was time to play-fight with my friends in the back yard? Sure as hell not Brown Hornet!

When it was time to pretend to be G.I. Joes, I would definitely rather have been someone "important" such as Duke or General Hawk than, say, Road Block or Doc.

And when it was Thundercats time? Well, I guess Panther-O was kinda Nubian-esque, but still. :P

It's good to see that nowadays there are more non-ghetto Black superheroes in mainstream cartoons that kids are exposed to (i.e. Cyborg in Teen Titans, Green Lantern in Justice League, etc), and I'm glad that the JL writers decided to use the John Stewart character for GL when they could've easily used Kyle Rayner or Hal Jordan (though I've heard that's earned them some criticism).

To this day though, I do wonder on occasion how much the psyche of African-American children will be subliminally affected if lead characters of their favorite shows were not only Black, but undefeatable do-gooders written into enjoyable action-packed storylines as well.

I say this with the same mindset as to how (and I'm sure you can relate, Scott) the same youth could see the world if Clearchannel, MTV, and BET were to suddenly start continuously force feeding them some Talib Kweli, Crown City Rockers, Jurassic 5, Zion-I and Blackalicious rather than the garbage that is currently on the airwaves that make me wanna rip my ears off.

Geez, I think I put waaaaay too much thought into this comment.

p.s. Oh! Almost forgot. "Bulletproof" Vess was one Black character who was the leader of the team in the 80's cartoon "C.O.P.S." The show obviously wasn't as big of a hit as G.I. Joe, but either way, it was cool to see him as the head honcho...

elgringo said...

MC -- A MALE runway model fight! Don't forget all the golden-haired antagonists.

Piper -- Was Iron man ever black? I remember War Machine was black. I never really read those comics. Also, I completely forgot about Spawn! SPAWN!

Minceyfresh -- You're right about a lot of points. I just read a book called The African-American Image in Film by Ed Guerrero and it parallels a lot of what you're saying. My main points were that Diddy is talking out of his ass and I'm mad as hell that Robert Townsend seems to be the most invisible important director in Hollywood. Guerrero writes about the importance of Townsend and that reminded me of Diddy talking about Hancock.

Also, Hancock was NOT that great. The drunken slob who has to be saved by the white P.R. guy. Geez.

That being said, BULLETPROOF VESS? HELL YES! I love that show so damn much.

Jonny said...

Why is he talking out of his ass? I'll take "Because He's a Talentless Schmuck Who Disproves The Commonly Held Belief That All Black Men Are Good Dancers" for $500, Alex.

elgringo said...

Jonny -- Have you seen the trailers for Notorious, yet? Aw man...I don't know about this one.

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