Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Best Post Blog-a-Thon: DAY THREE

Thanks for checking out DAY THREE of HE SHOT CYRUS' "MY BEST POST BLOG-A-THON" where film bloggers from around the world have sent in the one post that best represents who they are, what they're trying to say, and what they can bring to the table.

I'm going to leave comments on each of these posts and I'm asking you to do the same, especially if you've sent in a link. Comment until it hurts. Eyes straining. Fingers bleeding. Head exploding (a la Scanners). That's what this event is all about. And please leave a comment here telling me which post is your DAY THREE FAVORITE.

Yojimbo_5 at Let's Not Talk About Movies is a walking film school. He's got classic tastes as can be seen on is list of Anytime Movies. Check out the write-up on Citizen Kane as well as the rest of his choices.

Heather at Movie Mobsters is one third of my favorite movie sites around (the aforementioned "Movie Mobsters".) She's guest-starred on podcasts, she loves Natalie Wood as much as I do, and best of all, she's added Slash guitar solos to your favorite movie scenes. Good God, this post was eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepic!

Christian Kocinski at All Things Kocinski is gutsy. He's got some pretty ballsy things to say about Wes Anderson. He reflects on his love for Rushmore and Tenenbaums and goes in pretty hard on the others. And you know what? He makes some good points.

Univarn at A Life in Equinox might watch as many movies as I do. I know he put my Month of Foreign to shame last month with his endurance-proving Kurosawa marathon. His post on "The Women of Kurosawa" made me ask "Wait, there were women in Kurosawa movies?" This is a very smart article that deserves a read. Also, he received FIVE LAMMY nominations so that's got to be worth something. I know some really great bloggers who only received...three.

Marc at Go, See, Talk refuses to let us live in ignorance. He asks the question whose answers could shake me to my very core. I don't want to give anything away but you need to get in on this. He's already received 96 comments! You know you want to read this post!

Steve at The Film Cynics is one of the co-hosts of The Cynical Podcast and The Cynical Videocast. Aside from being an active film reviewer, he's also a movie detective. A sharp eye and an even sharper brain began to put the pieces together for what would become one of my my favorite film-related mysteries. Movies have always showcased things I'll ever be able to afford but Steve's mystery involves something that my entire family couldn't afford if we all pitched our life savings in together. Intrigued? Click the link.

Chris at 1001: A Film Odyssey has quite an imagination. His alternative ending to The Great Train Robbery includes lines like "What you been smokin'?" and "We is in something called a movin' picture." It's a rootin' tootin' cowboy romp over at 1,001. And if you like it, check out his other alternative movie histories.

The Dive Mistress at Zombots! has written a helpful manual for babysitters in peril. Are you a babysitter who often takes jobs in remote areas in houses with a lot of knives? If this sounds familiar, then you really ought to read this great post. Even if it doesn't sound familiar, you really should still read this.

Gringo at He Shot Cyrus is self-promoting. He wrote this semi-decent post about casting the Office movie. Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight. The whole group is there. And I don't want to give anything away but one of the actors is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan. Check it out if you fell like it. Again, it's semi-decent at best.

Whitney at Dear Jesus is the sexiest woman in blogging (Perez Hilton included). I love her. I married her. I occasionally read her posts. But I read this one and recommended it to everyone I know. She asked the question "What if my favorite directors has directed the Alice in Wonderland remake?" Gus Van Zant, Sofia Coppola, David Lynch, and even Lars von Trier! It's a quick read and I wholly recommend it.

Matthew at Culture Kills...wait, I mean cutlery gave me an award once. I'm pretty sure it was for a video of Bert and Ernie singing the hardcore M.O.P. anthem, "Ante Up." But that was decades ago, we're here today to talk about The BIg Lebowski and the L.A. riots. If that doesn't make you click the link, maybe the nudity will. (Note: He Shot Cyrus does not guarantee the appearance of nudity that may or may not be in Matthew's great post.)

Novroz at Novroz' Favorite Things tricked me with a web address that ended in "beatles-vs-abba/." I thought, "how can this be movie related?" And then I clicked the link to find a comparative post of two movie musicals. Can you guess which ones? One features the music of The Beatles and the other one features Abba's greatest hits. Click the link to confirm your guesses.

Bob at Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind watches better movies than I do, writes about them better than me, can think of a better word for "better" than "better." Basically, I want to be this guy. His review on Grace, Milly, and Lucy...Child Soldiers accomplishes everything it should be. It introduced me to a movie I'd never heard of before and convinced me to track down a copy by any means possible. Can't wait to see it.

Bryce from Things That Don't Suck is a demon to some and an angel to others. I haven't decided which he is to me...but he did slaughter my whole family and turn my house into salt. Now that I think about it, he might be God. But back to the topic at hand. Five Finger Death Punches, long white beards, and death, death, death. Of course, I'm talking about Kill Bill Vol. 2. Bryce's review on my 4th favorite Quentin Tarantino movie almost convinced me to bump it up the list.

Colin at Against the Hype is a proud Chicago Phoenix originally hailing from Singapore. He's written a MUST-READ post! Seriously, at first I thought that "Lust, Caution and Mahjong" might not have anything to offer me but I was horrendously wrong. I can't spoil just how brilliant this post is but it caught me completely off guard!

Smacdonn at 7 Dollar Popcorn mixes one of my favorite things (killing zombies) with one of my least favorite (family holidays, just kidding, parents). 7 Dollar Popcorn is such a fun blog. Vanilla Ice music videos, blog-a-thon participation, and gutsy statements (No Country For Old Men under the "Worst Movies I've Seen This Year" list? That's right, I did my homework, haha.) Smacdonn gets a big Thumbs-Up from me.

Mike at You Talking to Me? is awesome. If you haven't been reading his "Great Movies That Made Going to the Movies Suck" super event (especially my Lethal Weapon post, wink wink) then...well, you should. He writes for Suite101, has a mesmerizing icon, and writes about the types of movies that I love. For example, his Best Post is called "Why Jason Patric Should Be in Every Movie." Jason Patric starred in The Lost Boys (an 80s classic (the type of movies I love)) but sort of fell into obscurity after that. A sidenote, Mike feels the same way about Jason Patric as I do about Timothy Olyphant.

Neil at The Agitation of the Mind chose one of his Personal Faves for his Best Post. There's a good chance he picked one of your favorites too. His review of Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven is well-written, well-thought out, and a great read. Some of his other favorites include Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Dirty Harry, and The Wild Bunch. So, you can see, Neil's got pretty good taste.

Marc at The Projector Has Been Drinking should never join The LAMB because I've already got enough competition for Best Blog Name. Note that the projectionist isn't drunk, I'm sure he's quite sober. The machine itself has taken up the sauce and we all know that can't be good. For Marc's Best Post, he recapped his nobel work with the National Film Preservation Society. These guys are like the X-Men of film preservation. This is one of my favorite posts yet.

Ronan at Filmplicity always chooses the best pictures. Go look at his More About Meme entry, haha. And you should also go read this Best Post entry which I will name "The Bashing of 2012." He keeps things short, to the point, and pretty damn vicious. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Erich at Acidemic is extremely accomplished. The man lives a lavish life in Manhattan, has written for McSweeney's!!!, and lists Psilocybe Cubensis as one of his interests. I'll let you Google it. His Best Post is an impressive post about movie Giant (and its Hot Younger Sisters). I loved this post and decided to close things out with it.

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent in links for the 2nd MY BEST POST BLOG-A-THON! If you sent in a link and I somehow missed it, please leave a comment with the link and I'll add it in. And again, please read all of these great posts and LEAVE COMMENTS on all of them! My


Neil Fulwood said...

Thanks for featuring my 'Unforgiven' write up, and for your kind words.

Unknown said...

Awesome and more awesome. I just ran through about a third of these and some of them are just brilliant posts, the best of the best! Brilliant idea Gringo, thanks for letting me take part.

The Taxi Driver said...

Another inspired set of readings. Thanks for the props.

Hal said...

This was simply a great idea.

elgringo said...

Neil - You're welcome, I really enjoyed your post!
H-Rod - I like your name change. I'm thinking of doing a "Best of Blog-a-Thon" post with my favorite posts.
Mike - You're welcome too.
Hal - Thanks!

The Film Cynics said...

Gee whiz! I'm getting the feeling you actually read every single one of these submitted posts, including mine! Thanks for the great intro - the introduction alone was more recognition than I thought that post would ever get. Full props to you for bringing this together! Cheers!

Jude said...

I could have sworn I sent it...

Oh well!

Thanks for the interesting reads!

Bryce Wilson said...

Thanks for the kind words and the link Cyrus.

I can assure you though. I'm not God....

Though your ancestors in their awe and fear did once refer to me as Ba'al.

Marc Edward Heuck said...

Thank you for posting my link and the kind compliments on my post!

My favorite posts in the blogathon so far are Bruce's from Eternal Sunshine and Mad Hatter's.

Ronan Wright said...

Hey Gringo, thanks for letting me take part, you've just made my morning. Sitting at work munching my lunch and enjoying this excellent idea. I think this encapsulates the best bits of being part of a blogging community. Well done you.

Erich Kuersten said...

Thanks again, Herr Gringo. So glad you did this, and brought us all together...

Bob Turnbull said...

Wow, thanks for that pretty awesome intro. Being me comes with a price though, so be careful what you wish for...B-)

Thanks also to Marc for liking my post - though now Hatter's gonna bug me because you called me Bruce...B-)

"Yojimbo_5" said...


Humbled, I am. Thank you for accepting my late-arrival request to join in the fun. And for the too-kind words. Keep up the great work.

Univarn said...

Whew, finally made it to day 3 (just got back last night and haven't even had time to comment on the posts - major catching up to do in the blog-o-sphere). Awesome blog-a-thon though. I really wonder how this would be different if each blog had their viewers poll their best post. Then again the LAMMYs might have shown that's just incredibly hard.

As for the 5 LAMMYs I was quite shocked. I thought maybe 1 for new lamb or something, didn't expect any in the categories I got them for.