Monday, May 10, 2010

Miraculous Merch: The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made

Film Threat creator and G4 host Chris Gore, best known for his Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, has written a couple other books but this one's my favorite.  "The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made" chronicles exactly that.  From a Salvador Dali/Disney collaboration to an awesome sounding Hitchcock thriller, this book has the lowdown on fifty movies you'd love to see (except for Howard Stern's failed Fartman flick).  Right now, Amazon is selling copies for ridiculously cheap.  I bought my copy.  Now you buy yours.  


Snipes said...

Someone needs to write a book entailing the greatest Hammer films never made. The British film company actually had quite a few interesting films that even had posters created but never saw the light of day. One of them was Raquel Welch as a pirate.

Goose3984 said...

I read a great article about the greatest video games never made.

Alex said...

Wow this sounds fascinating.

I actually saw that Dali/Disney collaboration at MoMA's "Dali and Film" exhibit a few years ago. Contemporary animators finished the film from his storyboards and incorporated the few seconds he had animated. It's not the same though!