Monday, May 17, 2010

Miraculous Merch: Twice Upon a Time View-Master Slides

Only one person I know will truly appreciate the miraculousness of this merch. Twice Upon a Time is an animated film from 1983. It was created in the Bay Area and features some of the raddest animation I've ever seen. After a limited (and poor-performing) theatrical run, Twice had a short run on HBO, and a small VHS/Laserdisc release before falling into obscurity.

Laura (the amazing artist who designed the He Shot Cyrus banner) has championed
this film since childhood. She's the one who introduced me to Twice via a coveted original release VHS tape she'd saved for over a decade. And even though we both loved the movie, I don't think either of us would have imagined that this rarely discussed and nearly forgotten film would have had merchandise! Especially View-Master merchandise!

For my younger readers, View-Masters were basically portable slide-viewers that looked like this. They most likely started out as some sort of war weapon before making the natural transition into children's toys. Today, with your iPods and your printing presses, View-Masters are all but obsolete. But that's what makes this merch even better.
Monsters1968 is selling these ultra-rare Twice Upon a Time slides on eBay for $25.00. You'd be a fool to let these slide out of your hands, especially if you're Laura.


Laura Hart said...

For further reading on Twice:

Simon said...

I have no money...why do you taunt me with awesome viewmasters that belong in my possession?

naryan said...

I used to have these view master twice upon a time things!!! I've been looking for them for years. For a while
I didn't know what this was in my head I always thought back to clips of this. I can't believ it