Monday, December 15, 2008

Three Scenes I Love: John Cusack

Say Anything - The Boombox Scene

Arguably John Cusack's most famous moment, the boom box scene is a staple in any discussion of great 80s movies. Knowing that I won't ever pull off anything as smooth, cool, and romantic as this is a difficult realization. And the song choice? Who knew that Peter Gabriel would have wooed a pen-giving A++ student into giving a kickboxing guy named Lloyd another chance?

High Fidelity - The Fantasy Scene

No explanation needed.

Better Off Dead - "I Want My Two Dollars"

I just love the lines Cusack comes up with. You have to wonder if they were scripted or improvised. "My brother got his arm stuck in the microwave." To those who haven't seen Better Off Dead yet, if 80s wackiness sounds like a worthwhile way to spend ninety minutes of your weekend, this is the film to devote those minutes to. There are parts of Dead that will have you shaking you head with a confused look on your face--guess what? Those are my favorite parts. Also, doesn't that foreign exchange student look like that fat guy from All That? If you know the two people I'm talking about, thank you for being the reason I made this site.


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...


Unfortunately, Cusack doesn't. He refuses to talk about it in interviews and, while making the director's follow up film ONE CRAZY SUMMER, pretty much refused to talk to him. He decided it was time to become a "serious" actor and was already ashamed by it.

MC said...

Dude, that's because Ricky, the son of the host family and not the foreign exchange student *tut tut* created that show with his fellow Head of the Class castmate Brian Robbins. (Here is a Good Burger with some FRaanch fries and Fraanch dressing).

Don't make me mail order a laser gun and fire off a warning shot at you before sticking some relish in your nose and then throw your car radio out the window through a garage door.

I actually saw Better Off Dead at the theatre when I was kid.

And here is a picture of me for this comment

Fox said...

Good picks, but my favorite moment from Say Anything is when he's in the phone booth, calls Lili Taylor and says, "I gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen." Brilliant. Oh yeah, and it's the rain too. BRILLIANT!

Patricia Perry said...

"Now that's a damn shame. People be throwin' away a perfectly good white boy."

And the mom who gave frozen dinners as Christmas gifts.

Love me some "Better Off Dead." In fact, I love me some John Cusack. Thanks for some great clips.

whitney said...

surprise mini english muffin pizzas is way more romantic than a boom box.