Monday, December 8, 2008

Gringo's Top 20 Film Actresses

Nathaniel tagged me for the new Top 20 Actresses meme that's been blazing through the blog-o-sphere. Here's the original post. Above are my Top 20 favorite actresses. I'm in a bit of a nostalgic mood today so don't be too surprised when you see some of my yesteryear loves. They're in no particular order (as ruled by Mr. Film Experience) and I made up a collage (as ruled by Mr. Film Experience) and I hope you all enjoy.

I'm going tag other people now. Here we go:
Whitney at Dear Jesus
Caitlin at 1,416 and Counting
The Mad Hatter at Dark Side of the Matinee
Daniel G. at Getafilm
Fox at Tractor Facts
Christopher at From the Mind of Fotog Ink


J.J. said...

Latifah? C'mon. Every performance has the versatility of a Revlon commercial.

whitney said...

"When you're good to Mama...MAMA'S GOOOOOOD TO YOUUUUUUU!"

Proving, definatively that JJ is wrong.

Daniel said...

Well you were the first of three people to tag me, so I'll stop back here first when I eventually finish my list...

elgringo said...

MMMMMMMMM...Latifah. Yum.
3 Reasons I Love Queen Latifah:
1. Set it Off 2. Chicago 3. Brown Sugar

Also, she's the hotness.

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