Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Never Heard Of It: The Mechanic (1972)

There is only one reason to watch The Mechanic
and that reason is Charles Bronson's wardrobe.
The real star of this movie is Bronson's red robe
which he wears in six different scenes.


Jason Bellamy said...

This made my day. The scuba outfit is awesome. Take that, Steve Zissou!

Bob Turnbull said...

If you had Bronson in that red robe, wouldn't you put it in as many scenes as you could?

I gotta say, I almost want to see this film now...

Anonymous said...

Again, one of the movies that defined my childhood. I saw it with my dad, and loved it to this day.I always mention this to people as a favorite film, especially a super controlled Jan Michael Vincent . It's horrible to see how he ended up, given his string of hits in the seventies. Bronson handles this film with grace, and I loved his lack of fear in letting his on screen characters to die, something even modern actors hate to do ( with their on screen ones that is ). Anyway, geat screen caps... I painted too recently ....enjoy !
My Charles Bronson MECHANIC painting

elgringo said...

Jason - I'm glad you liked it! Imagine Bronson dressed up in a tracksuit like Stiller in Tenebaums! That would be incredible.

Bob - I didn't even about it like that. I think I went about this all wrong...

Fotog - Wow! The last two movies I wrote about you painted! You're the man.

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