Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Excitement! Wonder! Internet!

For true film lovers, "Making Of" featurettes and official commentary tracks aren't always enough. Sometimes, you've just got to track down someone who actually worked on the film and ask them all the questions that've been bugging you. Months and months and months ago, Rob Rector and I got in contact through The Lamb and I've been recording podcasts with my favorite Hollywood celebrities ever since.

Rob started Natsukashi with the intent to explore the connection between Nostalgia and Film. Why did we like certain films when we were younger? What do we think about them now?

Here's the exciting part. Rob is currently taking requests from bloggers who want to record an episode. E-mail him, leave a comment, train a pigeon. However you want to do it, let Rob know that you're interested.

To get a sample of what these are like, here are some links to episodes that I recorded at Natsukashi.

And here's an episode that Whitney recorded a few months back.


Anonymous said...

Your check is in the mail, Scott. Truly unexpected, but much appreciated. Trust me, I enjoy it just as much; it's always fun talking to people who made memories in our youth.

Tell Glenn I said "hello"!

Fletch said...

I'm enjoying the work you guys do as well, though I must admit, the structure of it makes it a hit or miss proposition, based first on whether or not I'd seen the film in question, and then off whether or not I'm a fan of it. That said, I've recently listened to the Caddyshack and Demo Man podcasts and loved them. Got the latest on my iPod now, but for the life of me, I can't remember right now what movie it was for. Something with Van Damme?

Glad the LAMB hooked you two up.

elgringo said...

Hey Fletch,
to be honest, I'm the same way. But on those movies that I love or do love now, it's like getting a Special Edition commentary track that you can't get anywhere else (even on the Special Edition DVDs, haha). Glad you liked the Demo Man ep.