Friday, November 6, 2009

477 Movies in 365 Days

On November, 6th 2008 I began keeping a list of all the movies I watched. That night, Whitney and I watched High Sierra (1941). The list progressed and progressed until the other night when we watched May (2002). From beginning to end, 365 days had past, and I had watched 477 movies. The 14-Hour Halloween Horror Movie Marathon certainly gave a nice boost for the end of the year, as did the 31 Days of Horror that preceded. Looking back on the list today, a recap was definitely necessary.

Here are the Top 20 Movies that I watched for the first time during these 365 days.
There's not in any order (except for Push coming in at #1) but if you click on the links they'll take you to either reviews that I've written or other reviews that I really enjoyed.

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