Monday, August 18, 2008

Wanna guess?

Sorry for the lacking post frequency.
Big announcement coming soon.

Until then, everyone head over to Natsukashi
and listen to the podcast Rob and I recorded.

As you should all know by now, Natsukashi is one of the best blogs around.
I was invited to record an episode with them on any movie from my past.

I chose something special. I don't want to give it away yet.
Go check out Natsukashi and listen to the MP3.



Runs Like A Gay said...

After your first tattoo you've got so addicted you haven't left the parlour since? And now you're completely tattooed from head to foot like the guy from Prison Break?

(Although I expect the truth is far more exciting and positive for you...)

elgringo said...


Ronald said...

Lately i have been following this blog but i never was that kinda guy who loves to post
anything in any article. However, i saw these cool list that shows the worst american movies off all time and
i will like to see what you guys think about that list
Anyway...congrats for the blog!
Here's the link:

J.D. said...

You've decided to open a High School Musical-themed hotel in San Antonio with Selena Gomez?

Now THAT would be interesting.

Kim and Nick Grafton said...

What is it????? You know I hate surprises and that the suspense of not knowing prohibits me from sleeping at night!!