Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

I realize that He Shot Cyrus has become a bit list heavy as of late, but when Invasion of the B Movies put on a guilty pleasures blog-a-thon I decided it was time for another. Here are my Top 10 Guilty Pleasures and a few reason you might want to check them out:

10. Born in East LA

A. The Waas Sappening montage.
B. A Cheech Marin trifecta: acting, writing, and directing!
C. Paul Rodriguez thinking God's in Tijuana.

09. Con Air

A. Nic Cage (a.k.a. Mr. Bangkok Dangerous)'s Southern drawl.
B. Nic Cage (a.k.a. Mr. Bangkok Dangerous)'s receding hairline.
C. Nic Cage (a.k.a. Mr. Bangkok Dangerous)'s dialogue:
"Put... the bunny... back... in the box."

08. Face/Off

A. The plot. They. SWITCH. Faces.
B. Margaret Cho's worst performance to date.
C. Nic Cage (a.k.a. Mr. Bangkok Dangerous)'s dialogue:
"Wooowhee. You good lookin'. It's like looking into a mirror. Only...not."

07. Sudden Death

A. I have no excuses for Sudden Death.

06. Big Bully

A. Cool Evil Knievel action figure.
B. Rick Moranis isn't making movies any more.
Maybe it's time to catch up on his older stuff?
C. Don't watch this movie. It's not very good.

05. UHF

A. Ghandi II
B. Conan the Librarian
C. Drinking from the fire hose.

04. House Arrest

A. Because it's about kids living the dream.
B. It's 1/5 of Amy Sakasitz's oeuvre.
C. Because Prehysteria and Remote are both checked out.

03. Carpool

A. Rips off the Blues Brothers driving-through-the-mall scene.
B. Rhea Perlman plays a hell-bent meter maid.
C. David muthafuckin' Paymer! You know he's the man.

02. The Stupids

Why should you watch The Stupids?
A. Because it's the third movie on this list to star Tom Arnold.
B. Because when it comes to Bug Hall, Little Rascals just wasn't enough.
C. Because you're stupid and you relate to the characters because you're stupid.

01. Steel Magnolias

A. If you don't like Julia Roberts, guess what? She dies.
B. Because M'Lynn, Truvy, Ouiser, and Drum are great names.
C. You know you want to take a whack at whack at Ouiser.


Anonymous said...

U.H.F. is seeing a lot of love in these lists. Does that mean that we don't have to feel guilty? :)

And while I didn't care too much for Con Air, I LOVED Face/Off. What a film.

Lunatone said...

Bug Hall! You can never get enough Bug Hall. Wanna know a secret? He's actually pretty hot these days.

I know, right?

But seriously. He is.

You really should call me one of these days. It would make me SO HAPPY!

elgringo said...

Hey Kaleen,
I saw a picture of Bug Hall now. What the hell happened to him? I guess he hit the gym until he stopped looking like Alfalfa.

I will call you soon! But I'll be down in Hollister on Sunday too!

Jason Soto said...

Wow another entry for Steel Magnolias. Jeez I should see this damn movie sometime.
Thanks for participating!

Slayton said...

lol... 'Carpool' was, like, my favorite film when I was nine.

Fox said...

Dude, you have a serious Tom Arnold fetish... that's sorta cool.

elgringo said...

Who knew? I knew there was always a reason why I defended him when people talked crap about him. I guess it's because he's in every movie I loved as a kid.

Runs Like A Gay said...

You should never feel guilty about loving a bit of Steel Magnolias, it's got to be one of the best girly films ever made.

I like to close my eyes when I'm getting a hair cut and imagine it's Dolly snipping away.

Taylor said...

My friend, Sudden Death needs no excuses.

I'm glad Face Off is in there. The shoot-em-up scene in the church is a classic. So is John Travolta teaching his so-called daughter how to stab horny guys with a knife and twist it so the wound doesn't heal. Not to mention any movie that has a death in it by a harpoon gun is okay in my book.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love your choices! So awesome, so amazing.

If you want the truth, I'm one of those people that watches Steel Magnolias and celebrates when Julia Roberts dies.

Daniel G. said...

Including two Nicolas Cage movies doesn't make for guilty pleasures - it just makes you guilty, period, and deserving of a conviction.

Including UHF makes up for it, though...

WaywardJam said...

I'm glad to see Born in East LA got love.

I never saw Carpool - but you're right, Paymer is the man and I have no excuse for missing it.

Fletch said...

These are some excellent g.p. choices all around. Though...does someone have a thing for Tom Arnold or what? I suggest you see Touch as well - he's featured there, too, and if I recall correctly, so is Chris Walken.

I knew there was a reason I liked Daniel - way to bag on Cage. That said, his movies belong nowhere if not on guilty pleasure lists.

Daniel G. said...

Thought you'd like that, Fletch.

Here comes Bangkok Dangerous...

Ross Williams said...

Wow... you should be ashamed of some of those. Although, some of them are a lot of fun. Nobody should be ashamed of U.H.F., that's a classic spoof film, especially compared today's spoof films. I loved Born in East LA when I was a kid, haven't seen in it in 10+ years though. Face/Off, awesome... but Con Air and Sudden Death suck balls... if I was going for a Van Damme flick, I'd probably go for Bloodsport or Timecop. I think the only Tom Arnold film I've seen was The Stupids, and it wasn't too bad. But Steel Magnolias, I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spork.

What I Watched Last Night

the jaded viewer said...

Sudden Death!! JCVD!!!! The part where he has to be goalie is awesome!

Emma said...

I ADORE Face/Off. Good pick!