Friday, August 8, 2008

Top 5 Birthday Scenes

Today's My Birthday!

5. Sixteen Candles

You can't have a birthday list without Sixteen Candles. So here's the big scene reenacted by shampoo bottles.

4. Problem Child

80s babies know how to ruin a good party.

3. Signs

This is the scariest scene from Signs...which isn't saying much of anything. However, it's a pretty damn good birthday scene.

2. Tootsie

Bill Murray cracks me up. "I want ninety people who've just come out of the worst rainstorm in history. These are people who are alive on this planet...until they dry off. I wish I had a theater that was only open when it rained."

Also, it's Dustin Hoffman's birthday today.

1. The Omen

This one showed up on my Top 11 Female Death Scenes list. It just goes to show birthdays and death have an eerie connection. It's like every time you have a birthday death seems a little more least if you're Satan's nanny.

Bonus Clip: Reno 911


The Mad Hatter said...

Happy Birthday!! Now what about your top five films from the year you were born?

elgringo said...

Oh, that'll be next.

Ms☆Go said...

DAMMIT!! I missed it.

Oh well, at least no-bigfoot-side-glancing aliens will bust your party flow. ;)

Daniel G. said...

Happy birthday, man!

I feel like it's MY birthday = Problem Child is awesome.


what about the birthday cake scene from De Palma's SISTERS.

That ones a real "scream"

Fox said...

Oh my god... freakin' Problem Child! I'm adding that to my queue right now. It's been too long.

Keith said...

Whoa! I'm pretty sure we're only two days apart in age. (My birthday was the 6th.) I guess that doesn't really matter in any real way, but it seems kind of neat if you don't think about it too hard. You were born in '84, right?

And what's with most awesome people being born in August anyway?

Emma said...

Happy Belated Birthday.. 08/08/08 sure is a special date!

Chick Young said...

Hey Man! Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was the 4th, LEO POWER!

Great list of scenes. Since it was my birthday last Monday, I would add to the mix, the Bloody Birthday Massacre from Brian De Palma's Sisters. What a scene!


elgringo said...

I've never seen Sisters but a few people have mentioned it to me now and I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Tony Tanti said...

Great list.

That moment in Signs is my favorite of the whole movie, which I loved.