Friday, June 27, 2008

Muchos Gracias

Seeing as Saturday is usually my highest traffic day I decided this was the day for praise and a little promotion for some great blogs. Here's a huge, mega-thanks to Kaleen, Marilyn, Kim, Megan, Daniel G., Rachel, Fletch, K. Bowen, Derek, Godard, Rick Olsen, Joe, Piper, Rob, and Taylor for leaving the most awesome comments this blog has ever seen. Thanks everyone, it made my month! Everyone else, go click on these links and read their blogs, they're pretty much amazing.

Here are the results from this week's poll question:
* It's doing great! Don't change anything. [5 votes]
* Posts should be shorter. [4 votes]
* Posts should be longer. [1 votes]
* Post more frequently. [2 votes]
* Post less frequently. [1 votes]
* More reviews of new movies. [3 votes]
* More reviews of old movies. [2 votes]
* Other (leave a comment on the latest post) [2 votes]

Thanks to everyone who voted this week. I may repost the same question this week to give people more time to leave some feedback. Here's what the people want so far: shorter posts about newer movies. Sounds good to me. I'll try to work on that. Also, to the two people who voted "Other" and didn't leave any comments as to what "other" things I should change, feel free to let me know.

Some cool things happened this week:
* I hit my 1,300th view. 300 of those views were from this week alone.
* My last two entries were part of Lazy Eye Theatre's Bizarro Blog-a-Thon.
* He Shot Cyrus was featured as part of the Large Association of Movie Blogs.
* He Shot Cyrus will also be featured next month at DVD Panache!
* I added a few new blogs to my blogroll. Go check those out as well. Also, if you'd like to be on my blogroll, just let me know and I'll check out your page.

After a half dozen people found my blog by searching for Diane Lane I decided to try out a little experiment. How many people will end up here if I link to this picture? More than with this picture? We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Elgringo: thanks for the shout out!

Daniel G. said...

Nice work, Scott! Always good to sit back and savor your accomplishments to date.

Piper said...

You've got a great blog. Glad you participated and we crossed paths. Expect me often.