Thursday, February 5, 2009

Popular Before My Time

Here's how "Popular Before My Time" works.
I name three actors/actresses/directors
who were really famous before I really got into film.
There are people whose careers I never dove into
and whose popularity I never understood.

Here's where you come in.
Tell me which of the three most deserves special attention,
the one who most deserves their fame and success.
Tell me which of their movies are most worth watching.
I'll watch them and report back later.

Contestant #1:
Melanie Griffith

Films I've Seen: Night Moves (1975), Pacific Heights (1990), Now and Then (1995), Celebrity (1998), Crazy in Alabama (1999), Cecil B. Demented (2000),

Films to Watch: Body Double (1984), Something Wild (1986), Cherry 2000 (1987), Working Girl (1988), Nobody's Fool (1994), Buffalo Girls (1995), Lolita (1997), Another Day in Paradise (1998), RKO 281 (1999)

Contestant #2:
Sharon Stone

Films I've Seen: Stardust Memories (1980), Irreconcilable Differences (1984), Total Recall (1990), The Specialist (1994), The Quick and the Dead (1995), Casino (1995), Sphere (1998), Antz (1998), The Mighty (1998), Broken Flowers (2005)

Films to Watch: Action Jackson (1988), Basic Instinct (1992), The Muse (1999), Alpha Dog (2006)
Contestant #3:
Jane Fonda

Films I've Seen: Nine to Five (1980), Jane Fonda's Low Impact Aerobic Workout (1986), Searching for Debra Winger (2002), Monster-in-Law (2005)

Films to Watch: Barefoot in the Park (1967), Barbarella (1968), They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969), Klute (1971), Julia (1977), Coming Home (1978), The China Syndrome (1979), On Golden Pond (1981), The Morning After (1986)

Alright, time to vote.
Whose career will I be an expert on soon?


MC said...

I'd have to go with Fonda based on the quality of her projects in the 1970's.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Fonda's certainly the obvious choice as her films are by far the best of the 3.

However I doubt there's an expert on Melanie Griffith in the world so that would be a great one to have at parties.

whitney said...

Jane Fonda. Because I know I'm going to have to watch some of these movies, too.


I'd go with FONDA, but make sure you watch BODY DOUBLE because that movie's harsh!

elgringo said...

You know what? I might be changing things up a bit. Jane Fonda is the obvious choice...but what if I were to replace her with KATHLEEN TURNER? What would you all think then?

Heather said...

How is it that under the "films to watch" for Melanie Griffith you don't have listed "Milk Money" (1994) -- a hooker with a heart of gold posing as some suburban boy's mom (and the boy wants the hooker and his widower father to fall in love). I think that movie alone should make you choose Melanie Griffith.

MC said...

We've run out of Pan Am Coffee, but we still have plenty of TWA Tea.

Kathleen Turner is the choice in that new iteration of Who I'd Rather (be an expert in).

vic said...

Sharon stone...alpha dog :)

Fletch said...

I like this idea, gringo. Good deal.

I'll be a hypocrite, yet go with the others as Fonda is the obvious, choice, though I haven't seen much of anything she did, either. I pretty much detest Griffith, though, so take that for what it's worth.

Though you should watch Basic Instinct, and not just for the nudity, which of course is ample. It's a kick-ass thriller, and Douglas is on his A game.