Sunday, February 22, 2009

How Did Mr. He Shot Cyrus Fare?

Tonight, I went 19/24 at the Oscars. Here's a little something on the ones I missed.

Cinematography: I went with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on the recommendation from Whitney. This advice came before we watched Slumdog Millionaire (and I still have seen Button). Right before they announced the winner, I thought about switching but stuck to my guns. Mistake. Glad Slumdog won, it was a beautifully shot film.

Sound Editing: Went with Slumdog. Why not? I couldn't tell you the difference between editing and mixing so I chose both in case of a sweep.

Foreign Film: Ghetto High School movies are my specialty. Sad to see The Class lose. I was absolutely sure it would win. It was the French entry and it taps into the vein of Au Revoir les Enfants and Dangerous Minds. Harumph.

Short Documentary: Doesn't The Conscience of Nhem En just sound like an Oscar winner? Cleft lips creep me out...I know that's terrible but they do. I hope Smile Pinki (the winner) makes enough of a difference to put an end to cleft lips. Forever.

Best Actor: Chose Rourke. Felt he should have won. Penn won. Probably shouldn't have. Acceptance speech. Best part of the ceremony. Loved it. Downloaded it. Quoted it. Shared it. Loved it.

Side Notes:
1. Hugh Jackman doesn't have a strong
singing voice but that didn't make me
want him to stop singing.
2. Diane Lane and Amy Adams stole my heart.
3. I'm extremely happy I saw Slumdog
before the show today.
It would have been a drag not having seen it.
4. Where were all the celebrities?
Was Jack Nicholson even there?
Maybe I missed him.
5. Meryl Streep loves patting her chest.
6. Anne Hathaway wants to be a princess so bad.
7. First musical number: great.
Second musical number: bleh.
8. Seeing Michael Shannon there was awesome.
9. Melissa Leo should have won.
10. For only winning three awards
didn't Benjamin Button seem to
win over and over the whole night?
11. As mentioned before, Sean Penn's
acceptance speech:
best part ofthe ceremony.
12. As Paul Arrand Rogers pointed out,
"Thank you the academy.
Thank you the company.
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto"
was a close second.
13. NO speeches cut off by music.


11 Word Movie Reviews/Son of Double Feature said...

I unfortunately fared quite poorly myself (12/24.) But, meh, I underestimated Button, and also have only seen a couple of the nominated films.

What about that Oscar chin-balancing bit?

brian said...

i saw ladies and gentleman the fabulous stains and thought of you. i'm now a fan of diane lane

elgringo said...

Derek - I haven't seen Button, but I knew it would win lots of awards. Got lucky on a few of them too.

Brian - Hooray! I just bought that DVD but haven't gotten to watch my copy yet.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Conscience does sound like an Oscar winner. That category and Sound Mixing were my only two losses this year. It was my best ever.