Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sorry to all those hoping to read my musings this week.
Whitney and I are covering the Cinequest Film Festival for Film Threat.
We'll be back soon. Check in at Film Threat for our reviews and bloggings.

To find out more about Cinequest, visit their website.


brian said...

hey, did you love all that heaven allows? i think sirk is just the best. while i really dig that one, written on the wind and that other one he did about two single mothers raising their daughters together while one of the daughters is "passing" at school and then runs away to become a dancer or a stripper or something and then ending in this huge funeral for her mom is incredible.

what i like most about him is that he only does melodramas but isn't afraid to pack in the jokes.

elgringo said...

Imitation of Life! LOVE THAT MOVIE.

The first time I watched ATHA was in a Douglas Sirk gentrain weekend class where all we did for eight hours a day was learn about Sirk and watch his films. It was incredible to hear a group of 20-somethings gasp when Rock falls down the hillside.

Bob Turnbull said...

When you get back, please accept the Dardo I just passed along to you.

And Sirk is terrific. "Written On The Wind" is a great deal of fun.

RC said...

have fun!