Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keith Olbermann's Commentary on Prop. 8

Ever since the election, I've felt pretty damn uninspired to write anything. Don't get me wrong, Obama as President made me the happiest I've been in a long time. But California's passing of Prop. 8 made me sadder than I've been in an even longer time. I know this isn't about movie. I know that's what you usually click my links to read about but it's just not in me right now. I promise, regular scheduled programming will be back soon. Until then, listen to Olbermann.


Bob Turnbull said...

Yep. I don't get it. I just can't fathom it. Like Olbermann said, why does this matter to them?

Unfortunately none of those who voted for it will hear his questions let alone actually answer them.

I'm going to remain hopeful, but it sure is difficult some times...

Keith said...

Well luckily election day also gave the world one more reason to celebrate: a new Q-Tip album!

It doesn't cancel out my Prop 8-related fury, but it sure does help.

Caitlin said...

I kinda hashed this out on J.D.'s blog already but I can't believe this. It's so, so saddening and depressing to me.

I won't go on in detail or this would turn into a novel.

By the way, Scott, as a movie geek, you might be interested in this:

The CEO of Cinemark gave money to a 'Yes on 8' group. Needless to say, I won't step foot in a Cinemark theater ever again.

Someone should do a gay movie blogathon or something. :p