Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's an Easy Choice

Equal rights for everyone.

Armand and Albert Goldman love each other.
They want to get married.
"Non-marital relationship contracts" are bullshit.
It's an easy choice.
Please, vote NO on Prop. 8.


Caitlin said...

If I could, I would!

Sadly, I don't live in a Prop 8 state. I just live in one of the reddest states in the union.


Rachel said...

I too don't live in a Prop 8 state, so I can't either, but something that did make me seeth with anger was Act I here in Arkansas, banning non-married couples from adopting or fostering children in need of a home. And it passed. I hate this place full ignorance.

The ban is for all co-habitating, non-married couples, but we all know that it's aimed at gay couples who can't be granted the same marital rights as eveyrone else. It's disguting. Prejudice is still very much alive. And children in desperate need of a loving home, any loving home, are now suffering for it.

Reel Whore said...

I'm in NC. We might actually be a blue state for the first time in 32 years..but we haven't gotten THAT blue yet. It's a shame.

Jason Bellamy said...

"It's an easy choice..."

Man. You would have thought so.

I have yet to have anyone explain what's so damn threatening about two gay people getting married.

James Yates said...

Apparently gay couples who love each other, who are upstanding citizens, and who want to adopt needy children are still viewed as a threat to family values.

I'm only 25, but in the last week I was able to see an African-American elected President. Hopefully in my same lifetime, I can see two people who love each other have the chance to get married, regardless of gender, and without red tape. Let's keep fighting for and supporting gay marriage.

Joel Bocko said...

"'Non-marital relationship contracts' are bullshit."

Out of curiosity (I don't live in California, and haven't been following the issue of Prop 8) what's the difference between the two?

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