Saturday, November 29, 2008


Film School Rejects have brought me some good news for the holiday season.

I was a sophomore in high school when the previews for X-Men started popping up. As an avid fan of the comic books, the FOX cartoon, the action figures, the collectible cards, and pretty much anything else related to my favorite band of mutants, the first teaser trailers made myself and my equally nerdy friends pretty gosh darn excited.

The discussions began immediately. Which of the X-Men are going to be in the movie? Cyclops and Professor X, for sure. Hopefully Beast and Rogue. Will they don the blue and yellow costumes? Doubt it. Who's gonna be the villain? Probably Magneto, maybe Apocalypse. Where's the Salt and Vinegar Pringles? Probably by the computer.

That paint a familiar picture for you too?

One of my best friends is a huge Gambit fan. While I was rooting for a Jubilee appearance (don't ask, I can't explain it), he was praying Gambit would show up in all of his card-throwing, trench coat wearing glory. Then we watched the movie. My favorite character got a split-second shot in the last minute of the film while his favorite wasn't shown at all. We were both surprised and pleased by the amount of screentime Colossus received even if that accent was pretty rough.

A couple years later, X2 came out. As the Gambit fans already know, the closest thing we got was the name "Remy LeBeau" shown on a computer screen. By the time X-Men: The Last Stand came out, we were positive that it was Gambit's time. Nope. Ben "My Least Favorite Actor" Foster played a terrible Angel. Thirty thousand unnamed mutants fought it out in one of the least exciting battles of all time. The movie overall blew chunks and Gambit was nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was a good thing.

Now Wolverine's got his own movie. La-Di-Da. Almost as overrated as Superman, Wolverine is one of those superheroes that I never cared much about. However, this new film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (awful title) will feature everyone's favorite Cajun cardplayer! Gambit will be played Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights which should make some of my other friends pretty happy. Not only that, the other mutants showing up include Deadpool, Sabretooth, and The Blob (my favorite villian). Gavin Hood, the director of the impressive Tsotsi (2005), will take the helm on this project which is slated to be released on May 1st of next year.

So, we finally get to see Gambit. Hurrah. But what about Jubilee? She was Wolverine's sidekick throughout multiple comic series. Now they're making a Wolverine movie and she's not going to make an appearance? Lame sauce.


Nageoire said...

As excited as I am to hear that Gambit is appearing--and I really am--I must be frank: his character better not bomb. I think everyone who loved the X-Men growing up and who still does have waited too long for Gambit to make it on the big screen.

Here's to keeping my fingers crossed for a stellar "ragin' cajun."

Caitlin said...

Dude, I don't get all the Jubilee hate. I actually really like Jubilee.

Also, that picture of Taylor Kitsch doesn't look like he has Gambit's eyes. You think they'll add that in post-production?

I really hope Gambit doesn't suck. I've waited for three movies for Gambit and while Taylor Kitsch isn't exactly how I think of Gambit, I pray that he does a good job. Gambit's one of my favorite X-Men characters of all time.

elgringo said...

Caitlin and Taylor, you two seem to be coming at this from the same angle. You should be friends.

Anonymous said...

The'd make an extra million in merch if they got Jubilee "right" in the movies. Nobody digs the right cartoon curves like they draw em on Jubilee. That said, Gambit doesn't "look" right, but I;ve been wrong on "looks' of early stills in the past. True dat on the last film, and yeah, I'll see it - but I am not "excited" about the new Wilvie ppic. I still think they blew it by not going hardcore with Danzig back in the day...but I digress. Now, the new PUNISHEr - THAT has my intrest peaked. Travolta sucked the air out of the last one, and while i liked Jane better than Dolh - they still diidn't "nail" the casting. But the Russian Sailor fight made a lot of us Punisher fans happy. Anyway. Cool beans. ~Fotog