Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Weekly Series: Never Heard of It

You might be asking yourself why I've just posted five pictures of Hollywood's most handsome actor. The answer is simple. These five faces are the rating scale for my new weekly series:

Never Heard of It

In an attempt to broaden my movie watching habits, I'll be watching one film a week that I've never heard of before. No films on my "To Watch" lists. No "I've been meaning to watch that" movies. Not even any "My Grandma begged me to watch this right before she died" movies. Those will have have wait. This series is only about films that I'm completely ignorant of.

Also, to up the ante, I'm not going to read the plot description, check out Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, read other reviews, or even turn the DVD box over for hints as to what the movie's about. Then I'll watch it, scribble down some live feed notes, write a review, throw up some screencaps, and slap a Danny DeVito face on show if the film's worth watching. Seems simple enough.

I'll have my first review up tomorrow!


Daniel said...

I love it - but how are you going to choose them?

elgringo said...

I grabbed this one randomly off the shelves at the library. Next week's came from Whitney at Dear Jesus. Her Netflix rental.