Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Best Post Blog-a-Thon: Day One

Day One:

Fox at Tractor Facts writes some of the most varied posts in the blog-o-sphere. Hell, he wrote almost 800 posts last year, they can't all be about No Country for Old Men! Whether he's reminding me how much I love Critters or fighting against the imminent death of the mixtape, Fox always writes something insightful that seems to sticks with me. I'll be referencing something to my friends only to go back and find out that Fox had written it.

For his best post, Fox dug through the archives and found a damn funny post. Through "live blogging," readers get to experience the first season of Silver Spoons. There's some good ol' fashioned racism, a Mr. T cameo, and the most adorable picture of the Bateman siblings. What stuck with me was the constant struggle to reminisce about childhood crushes that just seem innappropriate today. Amanda Peterson was gorgeous when she was a teen (but I was a kid too!)
Here's Fox's best post: Silver Spoons - Season 1

Jason at Invasion of the B Movies is BACK! The famed host of the Guitly Pleasures Blog-a-Thon has defeated the AT&T devils and has jumped right back in the mix with some killer clown action. But the post we're talking about today is about a different kind of clown. This clown doesn't make us laugh. This clown produces Hollywood horror films. Go read Jason's transcription of a conversation between a Random Teenager and his movie-making financeer. My favorite line: That's better. Asian's don't get to be sidekicks in movies. It'll do the Asian people proud to help a hot white kid.
Here's Jason's best post: Day 14 - Disturbia

Caitlin at 1,416 and Counting is one of my favorite bloggers. There, I said it. Something about a talented writer taking on the task of watching ALL the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies in less than two weeks is just impressive. She's inspired one of my most popular posts (Guys I'd Go Gay For) and she's always asking her readers for recommendations. That always means a lot to me. Her best post is actually part of her Reader's Choice series. The post is chock full of nostalgia, humor, and killer rabbits. You read it right.
Here's Caitlin's best post: Flashback: Night of the Lepus (Mom's Choice)

Jeff at Culture Snob is one classy fellow. Don't be intimidated by his stylish layout or the lack of .blogspots or .wordpresses on his web address. He's a dot-com gentleman and his writing ability backs up his title: culture snob. I feel really special because Jeff hasn't participated in too many blog-a-thons but has made a special appearance today. This post is the best of the best. His site features a Best Of section so his archive digging had already been partially done. Jeff's best post has to do with an interesting film by an even more interesting director. Those who've seen Peter Wier's The Plumber might not be sure what to think about it. Needless to say, the Snob cleared up a lot of my questions. This one's definitely worth a read.
Here's Jeff's post: The Uncertainty of the Everyday
Here's Jeff's post about Jeff's post: My Best Post

The Film Fiend tells me about more movies I've never heard of than any other blog. My Netflix queue is now filled with horror movies from countries all over the world. Old films and new films. Good films and bad films. He's one of the few people I know who has given the 1990 version of Captain America the attention it deserves. The Fiend's best post is no different. The movie: Soul Vengeance, a blaxploitation film made by a UCLA student in the mid-70s. The reivew starts out with a question that will make you question everything you thought you know about yourself.
Here's The Film Fiend's best post: Soul Vengeance

J.D. at Radiator Heaven keeps with the Halloween spirit with his best post. To be honest, I've never seen the film he writes about. I dismissed it as having nothing to offer me. The director had burned me with other projects and I assummed skipping this particular film was a wise choice. After reading J.D.'s post, not only do I think I made the wrong choice about this film, I may need to revisit the filmmaker's other work with a more open mind. In 1,600 words, my opinions have been altered. That's pretty cool and a sign of his influencial writing style.
Here's J.D.'s best post: Devil's Rejects

StinkyLulu has been open for four years. This month celebrates Lulu's online writing anniversary. Lulu's one of the "celebrity bloggers" participating in this crazy blog-a-thon. It was pretty darn cool to see a comment from one of the most impressive bloggers this side of Film Threat. This post is really interesting because it's a He Shot Cyrus twist on a Stinky Lulu series. The Things to Do series was specially rescheduled for today. Want to know more about Stinky Lulu? Read this post. There's no doubt that you'll find a ton of interesting and exciting stuff to participate in.
Here's Stinky Lulu's best post: To Dos Day - Best of Stinky Lulu Edition

Scott of Mendelson's Memos is one smart guy. He has a way of saying exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't figure out how. Whitney and I both noticed that rampant sexism that flowed forth from critical fingers following the release of Sex and the City: The Movie. My conclusion: Men are assholes. Needless to say, Mr. Mendelson breaks it down quite a bit further. Great, great post. Go check it out.
Here's Scott's best post: Sex and the City (The Movie) and the Difference Between Male and Female Escapism

These were the links for DAY ONE. If you've sent me a link, don't worry, I've got it. Your post will be part of DAY TWO (which happens to be tomorrow!) Thank you all for your great participation, it means so much to me! Go read each other's blogs. I've read so many posts now and I've got to say, you summambitches can write! LEAVE COMMENTS FOR EACH OTHER. THEY'RE WHAT LOVE IS BUILT ON!

Until tomorrow.


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