Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Quick Reminder...

Monster Camp
is out on DVD today!

After catching Monster Camp at Cinequest a couple years ago, I've been telling people to go see this quirky documentary. Here's an excerpt from an earlier post:

OH YES! I have seen this movie and it is glorious. There's heroes, villains, and MAGIC! Here's the lowdown on Monster Camp. A group of nerdy kids get together to LARP (or Live Action Role Play). Bascially, they play real-life World of Warcraft. Foam swords, potion viles, and truckloads of virginity. What else can a (horizontally) growing boy ask for? Monster Camp is hilarious and really, really fun. I happened to see the world debut at Cinequest last year and met the filmmaker. Definitely keep your eyes open for this one. I'll let everyone know when it comes out on DVD too.

Well, it's out. Here's an Amazon link.
It's on Netflix too. Go check this one out.


Chick Young said...


I enjoyed this film very much too. It was less "ethnographic" than Trekkies - which appealed to me. As much as I enjoy Trekkies, it always struck me as heavily "ethnographic" - "observe the Star Trek geek in his native environment, note the mating ritual of the Trekkie..." etc. etc. Like you're watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Trekkies wasn't mean spirtied, but I think it did indeed revel in the "absurdity" of fan culture. Monster Camp seemed somehow more, I dunno, maybe intersubjective is the word I am looking for. Fandom culture is by definition fanatical - and I for one enjoyed the hell out of this film. Drop me a line at grindhouse99@gmail and I can respond to your questions regarding the recent publishing.
All the best, Chick

elgringo said...

Someone else actually saw Monster Camp, huh? Glad you liked it and I agree that it's a better representation of 'nerd culture' than the Trekkies movies. I guess the LARP group got screwed over by G4 before these guys approached them to make Monster Camp. They were pretty skeptical at first but eventually agreed to make the film.