Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Reminder -- Even Quicker Request

Ferdy from Ferdy on Films and I are competing!

What's the competition, you ask? We were each given 12 words/phrases to use in creating a totally unique plot. Now we're fighting it out for the most votes. Here's the link, go click on it and choose "El Gringo." That way, I'll win.

My film is about a retired private eye on Thanksgiving. He's hungry. He's drunnnnk. He's packing heat. When a beautiful, young Meals on Wheels employee (Zooey Deschanel) gets kidnapped, it's up to the lushy dick to get her back.

Oh yeah, did I also mention that the film is written, produced, directed, and stars former Presidential candidate BOB DOLE. Enjoy.

In other news, the My Best Post blog-a-thon begins on Friday. Send me a link (heshotcyrus@hotmail.com) or leave a comment on Friday's post. If you don't remember the rules, it's really simple. You've already written your post. Pick your best post and play show and tell with us.

1 comment:

Fletch said...

Done and done...well, almost done. Still gotta send you that link, but I'm on it!