Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Been a Long Time...

Just wanted to show support and give thanks to the people who've done so for He Shot Cyrus. I try to do this every couple weeks and it just occurred to me that I hadn't done this in while. So here it is, the list.

Five Comments
Daniel G. @ Getafilm

Four Comments
Joseph Campanella @ Cinema Fist
Whitney @ Dear Jesus

Three Comments
Cinexcellence @
Fletch @ Blog Cabins
Fox @ Tractor Facts
J.D. @ Valley Dreamin'
Keith @ The Kinetoscope Parlor

Two Comments
Brian @ Dear Jesus
Caitlin @ 1416 and Counting
Jason Soto @ Invasion of the B Movies
J.D. @ Radiator Heaven
Kim @ Kim and Nick
Runs Like a Gay @ Runs Like a Gay

One Comment
Adam Ross @ DVDPanache
Chick Young @ Trash Aesthetics
Derek @ Son of Double Feature
Don @ Petaluma Films
Emma @ All About My Movies
The Jaded Viewer @ The Jaded Viewer
James @ Mincey Fresh
Joe @ Joe Doudna
Marilyn @ Ferdy on Films, etc.
Ms☆Go @ D.C. Movie Girl
Piper @ Lazy Eye Theatre
Rachel @ Rachel's Reel Reviews
Ross Williams @ What I Watched Last Night
Slayton @ PUXZKKX
T. Rigney @ The Film Fiend
Wayward Jam @ Reel Whore

Click on these links!
Tons and tons of great write-ups, reviews, and original ideas to be found through these links.
Thanks to everyone who leaves me comments. I swear, you'll all be getting some comments from me soon.

Also, for those still wondering, the big announcement will be coming soon.
Can't give any hints except that it's going to be awesome!


Anonymous said...

Even though I have sadly fallen short on comments to the site (that's what two young kids will do), I have to commend Scott in his unrelenting support of the blogging community. It is so rewarding to see someone so actively promoting others within the field and I am personally grateful to every visitor He Shot Cyrus sends my way. Keep up the great work, Scott.

elgringo said...

Thanks a lot, Rob. Natsukashi is worth promoting. Congrats on the Spout jump!

Daniel said...

Yowks, it has been a long time. I'm slowly getting back to my "work" here, though.

Gotta hold on to my top spot!