Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vacation + Technical Difficulties + Great News = Me

Wedding was amazing.
Reception was a blast.
Honeymoon was relaxing.
Second reception was unique.
First day back at work was tiring.
Realizing that my internet wasn't working sucked.
Having to go online at work sucks more.
But finding out that there's a 95% that I'll be getting a PRESS PASS for
SUNDANCE was the best news I'd heard since "I Do."

I'm not getting over-excited until I've got the pass in my hand. Then all bets are off. The schedule looks great. If I can somehow get into Rudo y Cursi starring my Latin man-crush, I'll be the happiest blogger. Period. The happiest. So, it's not official yet but I should find out soon. Keep your fingers crossed. I promise I'll start posting more often soon. It's been quite a couple of weeks and things are just starting to get back to normal.


Daniel Getahun said...

Dang, man. Congrats and have fun! Don't spoil any of the movies that I'm going to have to wait 8 months to see...

Keith said...

Fuck yeah!

Bob Turnbull said...

Wow, that's awesome...Congrats on the Press Pass. Possibilities of any interviews? Opening and closing galas? Do you go to the press screenings or mix with the rabble at public screenings? Any free beer tickets?

Oh, congrats on that whole wedding thing too...B-)