Sunday, January 4, 2009

Honeymoon Time, Back in a Week

Before I go, some things need to be said about The Spirit.
What a joke.
I'm not familiar with the source material but if the comics were anything like the movie then they weren't worth adapting. As a Sin City fan (for its visual style, at the least) my interest was peaked months ago when various Spirit teasers started popping up. All of that interest was gone fifteen minutes into today's screening. Gone, baby, gone. This movie is a mess and Lionsgate should be ashamed of themselves.

Not too long ago, I listed my 10 WORST FILMS OF 2008. Baby Mama came in at number ten because I honestly didn't see too many of the movies that looked to be awful. If you're curious as to which films looked completely unappealing to me, I wrote quite a list. But missing from that list was The Spirit. The Spirit looked cool. But it was not cool...far from cool...unaware of the concept of cool. Actually, that's not completely accurate. Spirit's biggest problem is that it's too aware of "coolness" and tries far too many things to obtain that status. If you're having trouble grasping my point here, allow me to break it down. I'd rather watch Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron five times than watch The Spirit again.

In short, Baby Mama is off my list. The Spirit is not only on, it's at THE TOP OF THE LIST. Here's a list of movies that are better than The Spirit:

01. 88 Minutes
02. Doomsday
03. Jumper
04. Semi-Pro
05. Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?
06. 27 Dresses
07. War Inc.
08. The Happening
09. Meet the Browns
10. Baby Mama


Son of Double Feature said...

I am comforted that I will not have to know how he kills someone all kinds of dead.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Have a great Honeymoon.

Caitlin said...

Congrats, and have a fantastic honeymoon, Scott!

Daniel Getahun said...

Wait a minute, really? Honeymoon? Jeez, congratulations. That kind of deserves a post of its own.

May your honeymoon not be like any movie honeymoon...

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott: Have a happy honeymoon, guy, I hope it is better than mine, wherein I moved my wife in a Pinto so loaded up with goods we could barely cross the mountains from
Seattle to Texas.

Fletch said...

So you're saying you didn't like The Spirit, right?

Have a great luna de mielo or however it's translated in Spanish.

MovieMan0283 said...

I too thought this was terrible. Samuel L. Jackson took phoning it in to a whole new level and your description of the movie's attitude - "Spirit's biggest problem is that it's too aware of "coolness" and tries far too many things to obtain that status."

I didn't much care for Sin City, but by comparison, it was a stone-cold masterpiece.

As for the source material, I've only read a couple of the old comics, but they're entirely different from what I saw onscreen. What I read used the figure of The Spirit to tell the "many stories of the city", focusing on a different character in each storyline, using The Spirit only tangentially (I read one about a man getting ready to jump off a building). They were really interesting and needless to say, the movie completely abandoned this novel approach for something far more conventional...and far more dull.