Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's official. I'm going to be covering Sundance for Film Threat.

Whitney and I picked up our press passes yesterday. It's got my picture on it and everything.

Here are five of the films I'm most looking forward to:

1. Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy
2. Prom Night in Mississippi
3. Good Hair
4. Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire
5. Art and Copy

I'll be posting my reviews at Film Threat
throughout the next week and a half.

Has anyone been to Sundance before? Any tips for a first-timer?


Moviezzz said...

Have fun!

I always figured it would be sold out, so never even thought of going. This year, I've heard it is rather quiet. It would have been a good year to try to go.

Daniel Getahun said...

Wow, man. Good for you. I'm also really interested in Good Hair!

The Mad Hatter said...

have a blast!! Don't let those acquisition suits take over the town OK?

Caitlin said...

Oh me, oh my - congrats, Scott! Have fun!

RC said...

hooray, can't wait!!

whitney said...

Well aren't you just the cat's knees?

Keith said...

Bee's pajamas, I believe, is the technical term.

PIPER said...

Oh yeah.

In case I forget to tell you.

You Suck!