Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Scenes I Love: Tearjerkers

When Crash was released, bloggers treated the film like cinematic cancer; an impressive disease, but a disease nonetheless. They especially didn't enjoy when Crash won Best Picture, beating out Munich, Good Night and Good Luck, Capote, and Brokeback Mountain. I'm not here to defend the film as a whole. Actually, I'm not here to defend it at all. That's not part of the "Three Scenes" series.

When a certain scene, specific moment, musical note, color, or verbal phrasing hits you in just the right way, it sticks in your brain. This scene from stuck in my mind. Sure, the film hits you over the head (with a ton of bricks, over and over again) but on the day I watched Crash, I didn't mind. My sockets actually leaked a little due to theatre dust levels, of course. That's what this week's post is all about: scenes that make your sockets leak.


Here's the YouTube link.

In America

Here's the YouTube link.

Okay, you heartless bastards. If you're still bitching about Crash or couldn't care less about a little girls dreams of owning an alien lifeform, then pay close attention. The film is The Neverending Story. If this one doesn't expell liquids from your ducts, screw you thrice.

The Swamp of Sadness senses your negative thoughts. The more depressed you get -- the deeper you sink. This is a kids movie, mind you. On this specific day, Atreyu crosses the swamp with his faithful steed, Atrax.

Apparently, the gallant stallion was experiencing an off day. Despite the frantic and heartbreaking screams of the warrior child, in the fictional words of Dwight D. Eisenhower: That muthafuckin' horse is goin' down.

The screen fades to black. Surely, Atreyu figured out how to cheer up his mammoth mammal. Nope. Just like his thoughts on the Korean War cease-fire, Eisenhower was right. And just like the last preteen boy to figure out deodarant...

...the kid sits alone.


Ibetolis said...

That scene in the Never Ending Story did me in as a kid, I was paralysed by fear and tears. To say I was traumatised would be to understate it somewhat.

Great choice there, as I haven't seen the other two I can't comment but I realise people take issue with 'Crash'.

I'm just glad you didn't include the last scene from the Color Purple, now if ever there was a scene that makes me cry, shamelessly, time after time, it's that one. And I hate that film as well.

Scott Mendelson said...

For me, the climax of In America, with the 'third wish', made me weep like a newborn. Not criticizing your weepy moment, but the end for me was a punch in the gut.

Also, the last two scenes of Big Fish are surprisingly powerful.

Christmas 2003 was a good season for tear jerking endings, via Big Fish, In America, and Return Of The King.

The Film Fiend said...

I'm one of the few cold-hearted bastards who thought "Crash" was a manipulative waste of time. Didn't do a thing for me.

That scene from "The Neverending Story," on the other hand, kills me ever time.

whitney said...

Maybe you forgot about Thomas J. needing his glasses and Veda having a chicken bone stuck in her throat?

Sally Belle said...

Oh my God! You nailed it!

All three scenes.

May I add, "Hey Boo."

To Kill A Mockingbird. Cry every time and I've seen it so many times I lost count.

Caitlin said...


Goddamn Neverending Story. That scene destroys me.

I need a drink now.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Yeah, Neverending Story is a tearjerker for sure.

elgringo said...

I knew people would appreciate the Neverending Story scene. Damn, I wonder if the filmmakers knew how rough that would be for kids to handle.

Ibetolis - I'm going to have to pop in my Color Purple DVD and rewatch that last scene because it's not standing out in my mind.

Scott - Ahh, the third wish. That whole movie is so effective. Did you know that that director also made 50 Cent's movie Get Rich and Die Tryin'. Yikes.

Film Fiend - I know so many people who hate Crash. HATE Crash. It worked for me but I understand why people would not like the film.

Whitney - How could I forget My Girl? We should watch that tonight.

Sally - Thanks for the comment. I haven't seen Mockingbird in YEARS. Not since high school. Maybe a Netflix rental is in order.

Daniel Getahun said...

Great post! I think I was too disturbed to be emotionally moved by anything in Crash, but that was sure a powerful scene.

For the record, I love the movie.

And I'm all in on that last scene. Totally forgot about it. Thanks for ruining my day.